Pandya Store 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Raavi keeping the food packets outside the house. She says I will apologize to Shiva and make a video for Dhara. Suman calls Dhara. She prays for Dhara. Shiva comes to Raavi.

She says no one wanted to have food, you are calling me wrong. He says you have gone mad, Dhara and baby aren’t at home. They argue. She says I was coming to talk about Dhara, you didn’t like my small success, I feel my new identity doesn’t matter to you. Shiva says yes, you are right, I m foolish to lie to mum because of you.

She says you saw me shooting with the guy, you didn’t tolerate it. He says because I …. She asks him to say. She says you were jealous, you know me since childhood, I deserved some trust. She goes. He says I love you, I have a right. Gautam looks for Dhara. Hardik calls him and asks about Dhara.

Gautam asks him to come and find her. Hardik says I can’t come there, I m helpless, Dev and Shiva are there, take their help. Gautam says they are stuck in their lives. Hardik says they don’t care for Dhara, would your own child leave you alone in trouble, Dev and Shiva changed after marriage. Gautam gets angry and scolds him.

Gautam says my three brothers are tangled in their lives, they don’t worry for Dhara. Suman comes and says Hardik didn’t say wrong, you and Dhara raised them, but they are my kids, not Dhara’s kids, they have grown up and went to their wives, they learnt this from you, wife first and everyone last.

Gautam says no. His imagination ends. Raavi goes live and tells about Dhara, she is missing. She appeals to the people to help her find Dhara. Shweta wakes up from sleep. She cries and looks around. Her mum holds her.

She asks what happened. Raavi gets a call. She says I can’t do this, its not about money, sorry. Suman asks what can’t you do. Raavi says I refused for anchoring for Mrs. Somnath competition. Suman says send Rishita, make her famous. Raavi says she is pregnant, we will send her next year, she may win. Rishita says I was born like a celebrity. Suman asks why don’t you want to go. Raavi says they are giving 50000rs, but Dhara is missing. Suman asks her not to worry. Shweta’s mom takes care of her.

Shweta says I m fine. Her mum sees the operation marks on her stomach. She says its c section mark. Shweta worries. Suman says we should never stop work, go and do the work, we will find Dhara, call them, then make tea for me. Shweta’s mum asks her about the baby. Shweta says I don’t remember anything, I just remember one name, Somnath, I was there with my baby and…. Her mum and dad ask her to recall. Shweta feels a headache.

Raavi says I will get much famous. Suman says I will make Shiva a business cartoon. Rishita laughs and says tycoon. She likes the dresses and asks will you wear such short clothes. Shiva gets angry.

Shweta recalls Dhara and Gautam. Shiva says she will wear, she decides on her own. Suman says this is really short, it won’t look good. Shiva says do anything you want. He thinks she didn’t ask me where am I going. She thinks Shiva left without knowing the complete matter, he is so angry on me.


Pandya Store 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi asks for a glass of water. Suman scolds her and stops Shiva from giving her water.


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