Pandya Store 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 9th June 2021 Episode starts with Shiva saying I m not selfish, I will never leave you and go. Raavi looks at him. Shiva leaves her hand. The roof starts cracking. Raavi recalls Shiva’s words. Krish worries and prays. She says sorry Shiva. Shiva says its not imp to give an answer always. They get freed from the pillar. He lifts her and takes her. The wind blows. They both fall down. The kalash is still in his hand. She asks are you fine. He nods. She gives her hand. He sees the roof falling down. He covers her up. The stones fall over his back. He shouts. Rishita reaches there. She thinks I can’t leave Dev, because I can’t leave loving him. She gets shocked seeing the wind. She sees Anita there and tries to help her. She shouts Dev, where are you. Dev hears her voice. He shouts we are trapped here, get help for us. Raavi says Shiva… He says I m fine, you only say that I m a stone, don’t close eyes. Rishita asks the men to help her. The men agree to save the family members. Rishita and the men try to enter the palace. Dil raazi….plays…

Dev shouts Rishita come fast. Krish is also stuck somewhere. Suman says the way you had beaten my son, I m shattered, you separated my children, I didn’t even know it, you broke my trust, I praise you always. Shiva asks Raavi to keep eyes open. She says I won’t die so easily. He says keep some courage. Rishita finds Dev and helps him. She says sorry Dev, I made a mistake. The man says take him from here, anything can happen. Krish shouts to Dev. She says Krish is there. The man says don’t go there. She says nothing is imp than my family, I can’t leave him alone, please come. Gautam says Dhara did this to join the family.

Suman breaks two sticks and asks Dhara to join it. Dhara says its broken and separated. Suman says try it, Gautam is saying you are a magician, relations don’t join after breaking, our relation also broke. Rishita finds Krish and hugs him. She asks how did you get trapped here, are you fine. She says yes. She says we will go home, come. The men help him also. Shiva says I won’t let you die, get up. Rishita asks Dev not to worry, she will take him out. Dev says Krish, Shiva and Raavi… The man says the place will get ruined, we shall go. She says I can’t leave my family members here. The man says anything can happen, rocks are falling. She asks him to help. Krish says we will go and find Shiva and Raavi. They go. Shiva sings a song for Raavi. He tries to get up and cries. She closes eyes.


Pandya Store 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman does the puja. She asks Dhara to pack her bags. Dhara cries and leaves. Gautam cries. Rishita drives the tractor and takes the family to the temple.


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