Pandya Store 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pandya Store 9th September 2022Suman asks from where are you coming. Raavi says I was here only. Rishita says you were checking the cameras, right. Raavi says wow, cameras got fixed. Suman scolds her. She asks from where are you coming, tell me. Raavi says I went to have chaat with Shiva.

Suman asks why are you coming this way. Rishita thinks there is something else. Shiva comes. Suman asks them how did he come from front door and Raavi came from back door. Raavi says I didn’t tell them anything, you called me at Arnav chaat bhandar. Shiva says yes, I wanted to have chaat.

Suman asks are you pregnant. They laugh. Shiva says it was a nice joke. He asks Raavi to help Dhara, he is feeling hungry. Suman asks how did you get hungry when you had chaat. He says chaat is light food, you know my diet. They go away. Rishita says I can hear Sanchi crying. She goes. Suman thinks its related to that mobile issue, I have to keep an eye on Raavi now.

Rishita says I have a good news, cameras got installed in our entire house. Dev says so proud of you, the way you are trying to handle depression with doctor’s help, its not easy. Gautam says she is a warrior.

Krish says yes. She says I forget to take medicines. Dhara says don’t worry, I will mark it on calendar. Suman says yes, everyone has calendar, what’s tomorrow, Poornima, and we do… Dhara asks big puja, but why. Gautam asks what’s tomorrow. Suman gets upset. They all don’t remember her birthday.

Suman asks Dhara to get food for her. Krish says she is getting irritated. Rishita shows the camera footage to them. Dhara gets the food. Suman thinks they don’t remember my sweet 60 birthday, I won’t remind them. Shweta sees them. She goes to her room. She talks to Chiku. She says I will change.

They see Shweta changing on the camera, and turn away. Rishita says sorry. Raavi says you should warn someone before seeing the room’s footage. Shweta sees the camera. Rishita says sorry everyone, I didn’t know she would be changing. Suman says you can’t see anyone’s room camera. Rishita says sorry,

I didn’t want to show Shweta changing. Shweta hears this and asks what, did you check my room monitor just now. Krish says sorry. Rishita says I had made it off, you should be careful too. Shweta asks can’t I change my clothes in my room, shall I change it here. Dhara says no, she didn’t mean that,

if we know we have cameras in the house, then we can go to bathroom and change clothes. Shweta says yes, you are family, you will support them, not me. She cries. Raavi says we all accept this mistake, but you should have been careful. Rishita smiles seeing them support her. Suman says my bahus are saying right, you know that we are fixing cameras in our house, there is a camera in Krish’s house,

why did you change in front of the camera, you should have changed in the bathroom. Shweta cries. Rishita thinks thank God, the family is understanding me and taking my side. Shweta thinks I thought they all will argue with Rishita.

She cries. She gets her mom’s call. She asks Dhara to handle Chiku. Dhara says sorry Shweta, but I won’t handle Chiku from now. Gautam smiles. Dhara thinks to cut off their attachment. She cries. She says you take Chiku with you, it’s a good day today, Chiku didn’t cry all day.

She says its Shweta’s last 10 days here, she has to handle Chiku by herself. Shweta says I know, but I help you in household work. Dhara says you have helpers in the house, you focus on Chiku, we have to focus on Rishita now, Rishita will go on work in few days, we have to handle Chutki, it will be better if you keep

Chiku away from us, we will be out of his memory. Suman says Dhara is saying right, just focus on Chiku. Shweta goes. Dhara cries. Everyone hugs her. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Dhara says I m mentally strong, come and have food. Suman says I m done,

I m feeling sleepy. She goes. Dhara says why is she so irritated. Shiva and everyone say we know. Shweta talks to her friend. Her friend says we have to prove that Chiku isn’t safe with you, but with Pandyas, you seriously have to move on. Shweta says I will do anything for my freedom, sorry Chiku, I have no option.

Gautam asks Dhara how did you forget, I m shocked. Dhara says Suman said its Poornima. Gautam says its mum’s birthday. Dhara says I forgot it, I will go and say sorry. He says stop it, we will plan a surprise for her, and act in front of her. They all get excited. Shweta hears them planning.

She thinks the day is special for me, you will celebrate Suman’s birthday and Chiku will get kidnapped. Its morning, Shweta asks Chiku to sleep. She talks to her friend and asks the plan. Her friend says wait till the evening, just do as I say. Shweta smiles. She says I m sorry, you will worry a lot, I m doing this for your safety and happiness, its with Dhara, not me.

Everyone is hiding the decoration things. Dhara asks who will take mum outside the house. Dev says Krish will take her. Krish says no, I won’t go. They see Gautam. Gautam says don’t look at me, I have to go to shop. Dhara says no, take an off today. Dev says you handle mum, I will handle shop,

I don’t lie. Rishita says you used to lie so much in college. Dhara says you used to lie to me. Rishita says yes, every day. Dev says she is an expert in lying, send her. Rishita says no, I have to take care of Chutki, send Raavi. Raavi says I have to go to Arnav. Dhara asks who is Arnav.


Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara asks will you miss me. Shweta says you love Chiku so much, why don’t you adopt him. Rishita says it’s a bad joke, if you can do this, then do it today, we will talk to your parents and give Chiku’s legal custody to Dhara.


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