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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st November 2019 Episode Start With as sudama is walking towards mata mahakali’s temple then kanha applies his powers to stop sudama & madan comes to sudama telling him still you have not reached mata’s temple & sudama is also in confusion how come early morning has happened so madan tells him you have to go to palace now & madan tells his guards to take sudama along to palace. Sudama also says yes I have to go & as he reaches palace then maharaj sees him gets very happy so maharaj tells sudama to take your seat while his mantri thinks how come sudama is alive. Sudama asks maharaj where is my kanha then maharaj tells him he will also come till then take the seat & tells purohit to complete the formalities of Pooja.

Purohit starts performing Pooja while sudama is praying kanha saying they must not make me yuvraj while kanha meditates & brings darkness in day time & all are confused so sudama says I had said it is still night so purohit also says sudama is correct as there is still night so this can’t happen in night & maharaj asks where is madan so sudama tells he left me & went to mata’s temple so mantri understands this & thinks my son might get sacrificed so he runs to see him but he was killed & then mantri blaming himself also kills himself with his son besides.

Krishna explains radha this is how is happened due to selfishness.
Purohit asks maharaj what can we do now about process as this can’t happen at this time so maharaj also tells mantri I am also confused as madan is also not come & mantri has also gone to see him so do not know what is happening. Kanha comes telling that I know what has happened & he explains it was mantri itself who had planned to kill sudama & maharaj gets shocked. Maharaj explains kanha about mantri who always thought about good to this rule then kanha tells maharaj it was not good but he was selfish about his son to make him yuvraj & maharaj says if this is true then I will punish him so kanha tells maharaj they are already punished as mantri’s son is sacrificed in mata’s temple while mantri has also killed himself then sudama gets emotional & blames himself saying because of me two persons are killed & i won’t allow this to happen so sudama runs towards temple of mata mahakali while all are seeing him running.

Sudama comes running & sees heads cut so prays mahakali mata saying I am blamed for this & because of me this has happened if I could not have come in this area but sudama forces mata saying to make these alive or I will sacrifice myself & as he tries sacrificing then mata stops him saying inspite they tried killing you you are helping them which shows your true devotion & so will complete your wishes so mata makes them alive & mantri gets up pleading sudama inspite he tried killing him. Sudama explains mantri to act proper in future life to think good about people to get benefit.

Maharaj & Kanha come to sudama & maharaj finds mantri culprit so mantri pleads with maharaj too. Sudama tells maharaj that his punishment will be to make yuvraj to his son & kanha also tells maharaj that sudama is saying right so maharaj says that I always said that Narayan himself has sent you over here & I will accept your advise so maharaj makes mantri’s son madan as yuvraj & yuvraj madan promises maharaj that he will perform his duties truly more importantly than my life. Maharaj praises sudama that because of your feet all our problems are being washed out from here & so I respect you for this & he tells maharaj it was my duty. Kanha asks leave from maharaj as we are having work with us to complete of our gurudev too.

Krishna explains about sudama to radha how he is without any selfish mind & heart so radha accepts krishna’s advise but Krishna tells radha that what I want he has still not given which he has still hidden so radha asks what you want which you have not got yet so Krishna tells her sudama’s grains.

Sudama says I was never hesitated to offer you anything as where your fame & where my so low category grains & how can I offer you these saying emotionally. Vishnu is looking at sudama smilingly & anxiously.Krishna comes calling sudama as he stops his tears & says friend you here.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna says I was not given these grains in childhood to eat but so now I will eat these & sudama stops telling him you can’t eat as there is not taste in these so return back to me but Krishna tells him I will decide how much tasty it is while radha is seeing very happily what is happening. Krishna eats grains saying the time has come to wipe out your curse as radha tries stopping Krishna from eating much.


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