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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Krishna is eating food then tara is reminding of shri ram sitting in front of her so she asks him why I am feeling this way so he tells her you are feeling true as I am Krishna & I am only ram & she gets happy & gets up praying him prabhu ram himself has come to my place so he tells him I had to come here for last life’s promise then she asks which one so he explains her about you had brought food for me so she reminds of her promise when she was wife of bali so she prays him saying it is my pleasure that you have come here & blessed me by honoring you with food so he tells her it was my duty then to tell me what you wish & she tells him anybody will wish your original form to get blessed & he completes her wishes by showing his original form of Narayan. She bends down praying prabhu while he blesses her with boon for next seven life’s & she tells him to take me in yourself so he blesses her with it.
Sudama is walking while falling down without vision & says only I have lost vision but my life is still there & won’t leave my wish to join shreehari till my last breath of life & says I am coming mata. He is walking taking stick in his hands.

Krishna understands & says friend sudama that what you have sacrificed nobody does this & not even a god for another god too. Dev rishi comes to krishna asking inspite of sacrificing vision why mata laxmi does not get impressed so he tells him that vision was not of him so he asks what are saying so please explain then he explains him about childhood when mrutyu devi had developed ego. Mrutyu devi says I am biggest devi of death & gods come hearing her voice so she tells them now all will do pooja of me as mrutyu devi so they tell her there are more gods & goddesses which are bigger than you so she asks who then they tell her you have to see on your own then she challenges them while they attack on her but she throws them away saying you have to repent for this challenging me.
All gods come saying if she destructs then whole brahmand will get disturbed so they think of solution & pray for brahmadev who can make her silent but as devi tries to use her step weapon then brahmadev stops her & she tells him I am mahadev’s avatar so you can’t stop me but to help me to become powerful devi for Pooja but brahmadev tells her I can’t so she asks him who can help me then he tells her to go to Narayan who can do this & now he has taken birth in form of shrikrishna so you have to go to him only so she tells Krishna that I am coming to you to take my powers.

Krishna explains dev rishi that she came to vrindavan then.Mrutyu devi says addressing Krishna that if you do not accept my wish then I will create this vrindavan into death place. A huge storm is happening while Kanha is sitting under a tree with friends & they tell him some problem is going to arise so Krishna asks sudama don’t you feel so he says infact I am loving this as I feel this kind of atmosphere has to be there so his friends say what kind of vision you are having & feel saying some god given gifted vision might be there with sudama so kanha explains that he is having heart’s vision which shows him everything harmonious & very good then his friend asks kanha but my cow can’t see this way as she fells everything is scary so kanha asks why you are saying this way then he tells kanha that by this storm climate if she runs away somewhere then it’ll be difficult to find her. Kanha says lets go while sudama also says now my time is of prayers so I have to go to temple then kanha tells him you go to temple & we will go to our cow’s.

A villager comes running telling kanha some problem has happened in village & he explains him. Woman is crying for her son while other woman is crying for her husband & kanha arrives in village asking what has happened & village viad is checking someone & says that this person is dead but kanha asks all people lying this way then how all of are dead at one time then viad tells him that it feels like some power has clutched their soul then kanha falls in confusion while all are asking help from kanha so he calms them explaining them that I have to know till you all be calm & he also feels there is some power spread here.
Mrutyu devi shouts that Krishna without my permission no one can see me.
Dev rishi says such ego & Krishna explains him she had developed such ego that I knew there might be happening something so I called that evil.

Kanha calls the evil who are you & come in front of me so she laughs saying I am mrutyu devi so he tells her then why are you scared coming in front so she tells him without my permission nobody can see me then kanha asks what you want then she tells him I want to become biggest devi of this whole world & this whole world should accept my powers & do only my Pooja then kanha asks her whoever will do your Pooja so what will you give them, is it death & laughs so she gets annoyed. Kanha explains her of what kind Pooja happens & she tells him what about death then he tells her if all die then who will do Pooja so it’s better you make them all alive then she tells him unless all does not do Pooja for me I won’t make them alive & also such deaths will keep happening without any reason then kanha warns her so she asks him what you will do wrong of me & I will kill everybody whomever you call & she laughs. She says now I will also see for how much time you will keep seeing you loved ones deaths.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :All villagers are asking kanha that what happened & says that kanha is also scared so devi kills some more people & kanha shouts to come in front of me & stop killing other people. Dev rishi asks Krishna that people could not see her but how you also could not see her.


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