Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th December 2019 Episode Start With gopiya’s asking dev rishi why you have brought us here at the water kund & how we can sacrifice blessings of love towards krishna so he explains them how to take oath by entering this water of kund & should cross the kund so that your problems will wash out so they are happy for advising & they do accordingly & dev rishi tells them that you are free now & they tell him we have done our work accordingly & dev rishi is happy blessing them all & informs Krishna.
Krishna blesses the place by new name of kund.

All gopiya’s & their husbands are happy talking that now we are all free so we should pray Krishna for understanding him wrong so they pray him.Krishna explains his guru friend that all gopiya’s are free now so he accepts his instructions & Krishna tells him now you can go to give knowledge & he accepts his advise.

All gopiya’s are praying Krishna to come & give us knowledge so krihna’s guru friend comes talking with them so they feel it is Krishna itself so he explains them that I am not your Krishna but I am his friend uddhav & he tells them that I will show you the true path how to reach till Krishna so they tell him to please show then he tells them I wish to give all your village people this knowledge so to call all of them & they go to call everybody.
Some villagers are discussing about kanha while the gopiya’s & all come to tell them to lets go as there is somebody who will show us the true path so they all go to meet uddhav.

They all come to udhhav praying him & tell him to show us the path towards Krishna then he explains them there is no path but gopiya’s are telling him you had told us you will show us the path but he explains them that I never said there is path but I will give you knowledge of how to pray & reach towards Krishna then they say we can pray normally also so why we will need you then he tells him I can only give you knowledge & if you do not wish to then I will go back but this will be insult towards krishna then they stop him telling him if Krishna has sent you then please proceed.

Uddhav explains them how Krishna was born in a jail as his birth was very simple but fought towards evil & taught people good deeds to do. How he helped you all by all evils & you enjoyed his presence also but now you can’t as he is god & has lot of other deeds also to do for this world so he is not there within you.Gurudev explains indra & all god how Krishna was an ultimate form of god.

Gopiya’s are asking udhhav you are praising Krishna in form of god then why he use to steal butter so he explains them he was doing it for his friends & he use to flow his love for his all friends & people. He also donated his seat to his friend sudama too who gave chance to rule by sudama. Gopiya’s are asking he must have done good for his friends but why can’t he do anything for us then he explains them how he has done all good deeds for woman too as he accepted so many women’s as his wife too in past & also saved draupadi too.

They ask him then you tell us what he likes as we devotee to do for him then he explains them what he like in a person is that he should be lovable, meditated, have good thoughts so that you can achieve him.Gurudev tells indra & god how nicely udhhav has explained them about Krishna.

They also ask him how to achieve him then he tells them to meditate for him but if you have good thoughts so they think & he tells them to make yourself able fro him then only you can meditate nicely then one of gopiya says he is hungry of love & I feel you have no knowledge of him & also one of the men says I feel you are an wicked person who is trying to fool us so you have to be punished but he tries to explain but they lift stone to hit him while he thinks of running from there & he runs away.

Gods are asking gurudev when udhhav was explaining nicely & giving good knowledge then why vrindavan people started hitting him so gurudev explains people needs to get to their gods directly & udhhav’s knowledge was complicating them so they became angry due to which udhhav had to face this.Udhhav hid himself under stone taking oath that now I won’t teach people through love angle henceforth.Gopiya’s are still cursing Krishna as why you are taking our test so they also take oath of not sacrificing through water instead will sacrifice with fire & krishna is shocked to see this.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : All gopiya’s are crying in front of fire saying now if you do not come then we will sacrifice in this fire. A flute voice echo’s & they all run to see & find Krishna so they tell him you came & he tells them this is your devotion which has brought me here.


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