Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Udhhav comes running to Krishna telling him see that your vrindavan people has done with me & also saying I had told you they do not understand knowledge given then he asks how come this has happened as they respect knowledge but he tells them they have stopped water sacrifice but are going to do fire sacrifice so he shockingly asks what are you saying friend. Gopiya’s are crying saying we did all sorts of things but you do not come so we have planned to sacrifice in this fire now & if you don’t come then we will go in this fire to sacrifice our lives so Krishna comes playing flute & all gopiya’s hear this & run towards the direction happily feeling this is krishna’s flute sound itself & they find him so pray him telling that you came to complete our so long years of wishes & he tells him I had to come because of your love for me so they tell him that now you won’t go anywhere without our wishes so he promises that now I will stay here in your vrindavan but no birds & animals can see can see me so they plead him to show us your original form then he blesses them showing his form & they feel very happy seeing him & praying him.

Gurudev explains all gods how prabhu blessed all of them staying with them & keep giving blessings showing right path to them henceforth.A brahman is searching Krishna everywhere asking gau mata, people, women etc. & is in depressing condition asking tree also do you know where Krishna is but nobody answers so he gets more depressed. Indra asks guru who is he searching Krishna so guru explains that he is narayan’s devotee jalbharat & explains them in details about him that god has to come to meet him personally but in various form.

Krishna meets him in past & he gives him Prasad of Pooja.Indra & other gods asks guru if he was such big devotee then why is he in this condition so guru explains it was because of rahu this had happened in past as he was defeated by devotee jalbharat so he cursed him for not getting water too in future to disturb life of narayan’s devotee. Guru is also explaining how rahu’s steps were curse for prabhu’s devotees so he always use to go to meet jalbharat.

Prabhu comes to jalbharat for food while rahu is cursing him from behind.
Prabhu explains gods that rahu tried all sorts to disturb prabhu but he could not.
Rahu instigates jalbharat in Pooja while brahman tells him to bring more flowers for Pooja while it was instigated by rahu so he goes to bring flowers & a lion comes to attack him to eat the flowers but jalbharat tries to stop him explaining that please do not eat this as this is for my prabhu so lion tells him what should I eat then so he tells him instead eat me as this is for my prabhu then lion says I need food anyhow then I accept you & he attacks him.

Prabhu comes asking him jalbahrat for food but guard comes telling him he has gone to jungle for bringing flowers so prabhu understands may be this is plan of rahu so maharaj must be in trouble & need to go for help.Rahu is cursing prabhu Narayan saying I had told you rahu will be destructive for your devotees.Prabhu comes asking jalbharat what happened then he tells him I sacrificed towards that evil lion for his food for your safety & I am honored to do this & dies. Prabhu says this was a trick & what kind of difficulty is this as you are killed in rahu kaal but I will bless you in my Krishna avatar.

Guru explains gods this is what happened because of this devotee is roaming & reached vrindavan for his blessings to achieve from his prabhu.Jalbharat is searching his prabhu everywhere depressingly.Prabhu comes in form of villager telling him you are in vrindavan & nobody is seen depressed here so tell me what is your reason of sadness then he introduces him telling I am searching Krishna but not finding him then he explains him how you wish then he asks what you mean so prabhu explains how to meet Krishna who is in all directions everywhere then he asks why I can’t I see him so he tells him to look from your pure heart feelings with meditation & he does that sitting under a tree.After meditation as he opens his eyes then he sees Krishna on pots, baskets & all other things & suddenly looks towards the villager.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Indra says what is this evil happening in dwarika as guru also says this is happening against prabhu. Jalbharat asks villager so many Krishna I have found but how should I take them along then he tells him there is one solution.


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