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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th December 2019 Episode Start With gayasoor is performing Krishna’s prayers with villagers around him. He is distributing Prasad so one of them says you just touch us & we will get blessed so he tells them I have decided from today I won’t give moksha to good people & will only give to evils so whoever is good should leave from here & some leave & he calls who is evil come forward so one of them comes saying I am biggest evil while all others are fighting saying we are bigger then sudama comes telling him I also wish moksha then he tells him you must have not done any evil so I can’t.
Rukmini is talking with Krishna saying you have become so pale so I will take care of you now & Krishna tells her then who will take care of people then she tells him always you are doing that but now to take rest.

Dev rishi telling brahmadev what is his happening that evil acts are increasing on earth & vaikiunth will also become of evils.Two evils are roaming in vaikunth & disturbing a rishi so rishi tells to stop this & who are you who have come in vaikunth so they say we have got moksha so we are here. They also see a woman dancing so they tease her then she gets annoyed & stops telling them who are you & I am doing this for my swami so they say do dance for us too & they laugh.

Dev rishi tells brahmadev that this evil will keep increasing in vaikunth so something has to be done than he tells that this can be stopped by Krishna itself.
Gayasoor is explaining sudama that I & Krishna doing same wok as he is killing evils & I am giving them moksha so he says you are sending them to vaikunth while Krishna helps people from evils so he says where were you at that time when evils were getting killed & they were not getting blessings from gods to get moksha so I am doing this so that vaikunth will become of asoors & I will keep giving them moksha so that your krishna’s image will also get washed out. Sudama tells him you are not doing this proper so he tells him that I am here to become all three loks god so I will do what I wish to. Sudama tells him I will stop you from doing this.

Krishna says addressing gayasoor that after getting booned you have also become evil which you are doing it wrong & Rukmini comes telling Krishna that I won’t disturb you as you won’t share your problems with me then Krishna tells her gayasoor has become evil now with my boon so I have to stop him by some solution.

Gayasoor instigates rishi’s explaining them that you do meditation to get moksha but I am booned with Krishna’s blessings so I can give direct moksha to you all then they say it is wrong but so he tells them this is not wrong as I am booned so they get ready & he tells them to do evil so that you all will get moksha then they destroy all their yagna & start doing evil deeds.

Sudama says gayasoor has to be stopped while he finds some rishi’s destroying their yagna materials & feels that they are also instigated by gayasoor & they meet him while he asks them water so they give him liguor & he gets annoyed how come you can do this as you are rishi & they laugh saying we wish to do evil so that we will get moksha.
Dev rishi tells brahmadev to help take out some solution for this so he tells dev rishi that we can’t do anything in between prabhu’s decision but he tells him there is one way out to take help of sudama so dev rishi understands & goes to sudama for help & they decide how to tackle this.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudama comes running to Krishna while Rukmini tells him a devotee like you can help him & he assures Rukmini. Evil’s guru explains gayasoor how to destruct Krishna & people to create evil thoughts in them. Sudama tells Krishna to take my life & save this world.


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