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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Krishna comes calling sudama as he stops his tears & says friend you here so Krishna asks him what happened & is it I should not had to come here so sudama says no then Krishna asks him what are you hiding from me then sudama says what can I hide anything from you as you know everything then too krishna asks him is there nothing so he replies nothing then Krishna tells him why are you running away & tells him to hug me so as they both hug then Krishna squeezes the cloth held by sudama behind while he stops Krishna but Krishna reminds of past days & tells him so you were not giving me grains sent by my sister-in-law & runs telling him I will eat now so sudama also runs trying to stop him while Krishna comes to radha telling her this is only what I needed to wipe out all his curse & radha tells Krishna this is only grains but Krishna tells her this is not just grains but it is sudama’s grains & now I won’t go wrong by not eating these as I will wipe out all his curse taken for me & as he eats then his house gets lighted & sudama’s wife is feeling blessed while her kids are also happy seeing this saying we feel by expecting nothing narayana has given us everything & she explains her kids what your father said right as his Krishna has washed out all our poorness.

Krishna is eating grains while sudama is feeling blessed & radha stops him what is this as will you eat it all alone & they both are talking about sudama’s grains & as she explains him of gulping all grains will hamper other people for which you won’t have anything to give them from you so she tells him to give me rest of these which I will keep safe & krishna gives her.

Krishna asks sudam what are you thinking & he asks him did you eat all grains then Krishna tells him I could not control & sudama tells him I had kept it safe with me but you had it to make poor also rich with your blessings & Krishna tells him you have made me rich by which I have got something from somebody for which I was eager to get so from now if friendship will count then they will see the example of sudama & his grains in future & sudama bends to pray Krishna telling him I am blessed by your love & krishna tells him I am also blessed with your friendship & they hug each other. Krishna says in himself that from now nothing will affect in your life in future as all your sadness is taken in my control to give you all those blessings of happiness.

Childrens of sudama are so happy getting them palace to stay & also expressing their happiness with their mother & she tells them about shrikrishna’s blessings for us then her son says this is all ok but with this if we could have got something to eat then it could had been very nice then she explains him to pray for shrikrishna & he will definitely help us & as they are praying then somebody comes asking name for sushella & as she sees some people so he asks her can I come inside so she allows him so he talks with her as she asks is anything wrong happened then he explains her that because of your grains sent to shrikrishna he is infact blessed & has sent you so many things so her childrens become happy saying so many gifts are there then she tells them won’t you give them water but he tells her not now as we have to leave to complete other work too then she tells them my swami also gone to dwarika so if you can wait then he tells her that’s why we have to leave as shrikrishna has told us to look after sudama till he is here so we have to leave now & she tells her to give my regards to shrikrishna while he is shrikrishna itself in disguise. All her kids & herself are feeling very happy now praising shrikishna.

Sudama says seeing Krishna what can I ask you now as all doors are opened by you for me & Krishna understands his heart of fighting within his heart with his wife so sudama thinks in his heart saying I can’t ask anything from shrikrishna so please forgive me addressing susheela as I don’t wish to fall low in eyes of my friend. Krishna asks him what you are thinking when I am around you then he says nothing but thinking of kids & family so I have to go to perform my duties then Krishna tells him I won’t stop you but for the last time I will request you to feed me by your own hands then he tells Krishna happily just not that but I will prepare food also by my own hands.

Sudama is very happily preparing food for Krishna & also advising helpers too to do properly or kanha won’t like it while radha comes asking sudama that if you need any help then please tell me so he says now this is my kitchen today then you go & rest now & I will take care of everything.

Jamwanti tells radha see how Krishna has given our rights of kitchen to sudama now so radha explains her there must be some good to happen because of this shrikrishna must be giving message to all people how to devote then jamwanti tells her I don’t know about devotion but today our rights are taken away of preparing 56 items for Krishna then radha consoles her.

Sudama is happily preparing food while all including radha seeing this are feeling glad & also Vishnu & laxmi mata are also feeling happy seeing this.
Sudama says without butter kanha’s items cannot be completed so he puts all those items in one utensil. Jamwanti tells radha that we put one by one items & prepare separate items for shrikrishna’s bhog but sudama has put everything in one utensil to prepare kichdi then sudama says that people’s thinking will wash out later of differences but I will prepare without any differences within eachother.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudama is feeding Krishna saying to accept my preparation of food then as Krishna eats he says I am feeling blessed by this food which I feel all love is there from this world in this food. Krishna asks sudama that to tell me what you wish as you never asked me anything in life then sudama tells him to bless me with vaikunth & he blesses him.Two gods are telling sudama before going ahead you have to take our permission as because of us asoors are too blessed due to devotion of that god & krishna says to bless devotees only mahabali hanuman can provide those blessings.


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