Parineeti 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Pari says Neeti are you okay? Neeti says I am fine. Rajiv says I have heard this voice before. Neeti says she’s my friend. You must have, he says no somewhere else. Neeti opens the door. Pari says are you okay? You were shouting for help. Neeti says I am fine. Pari says you look so good. Show me.

Neeti says I can’t come out. Neeti locks the door. Rajiv says I can meet her. She says you ruined the plan. I don’t want her to reject you that you sneaked in like this. Rajiv hides. Pari says why are you scared? You look so confused. Neeti says I was deciding how to take the dupatta. It was exposing it a little. Pari says it’s fine. Neeti says go and try your dress. Pari leaves.

Pari goes to get dressed. Rajiv says you look so good in this dress. She says go now. Neeti looks out, Pari isn’t there. Rajiv asks Monty why are you so upset? Did anyone say anything? He says we have to go home right now. Rajiv says I met Neeti, she looked so pretty. Pari says I should show this dress to Neeti. She goes towards her room. Rajiv waits outside dressing room. Pari leaves her room.

Rajiv gets ready. Neeti says to Pari you look so pretty. You will wear this on our engagement. Sanju came too. Pari says he thinks so much for you. He cares so much for you. Neeti says not as much as you. Rajiv took such a big risk for you. Pari comes to dressing room. She says where did my dupatta go.

She runs after the woman. Rajiv sees her back and says she’s wearing the same dress I chose. He goes after her. Neeti goes after Rajiv. Pari is following the woman who took her dress. Pari says you have my dupatta.

Kavita looks at Pari and says nice dress. Rajiv sees her and says I think she knows this girl. He leaves. Kavita says this dress is so nice. Must be Rajiv’s choice. His choice is so good, look at you. But why did you get it? Pari recalls Neeti didn’t want either of the families to know. She says actually it’s a common friend’s engagement.

Kavita says is Neeti living with the same girl she flee with? neeti comes. Kavita says how is that guy? Neeti says what guy? Kavita says the boy you ran with. Neeti says she’s good. How is Dolly? The one who had an affair with your husband. She says what? Neeti says you said bad things about Pari too. You better focus on your husband.

Rajiv and Monty do their shopping. Neeti is upset. Pari says are you still upset? Neeti says I feel better. She said such bad things about you too. Rajiv calls Neeti and says sorry I had to leave.

Scene 2
Gurpreet and Biji are leaving. Mandeep says they will find out the truth if they go there. Mandeep says we shouldn’t go. It doesn’t feel right. we should hire two cars. Let me get a bus. Harman says calm down.

The car is here. Mandeep says we can ask him to leave. It’s Vicky. He says it’s my friend’s. He said Pari is my sister too. I can take it. We can go easily in it and meet Pari. Right maa? Mandeep says yes. Gurpreet says are you happy now Mandeep? She says yes. Biji says let’s go. Gurpreet does arti.

Pari sees a couple in the park. She feels sad. Neeti calls and asks her did you get home? She says I saw a couple, they’re so special. Neeti says are you okay? Pari says world doesn’t take anyone into account. Neeti says I know you miss Rajiv. Pari says I miss him a lot. Sometimes I feel like he’s around me. Neeti says when you love it should be like you. You are crazy in love. Pari sees a woman struggling to move her cart. Neeti says call me when you’re home. Rajiv is in the car.

Precap-Neeti says she’s my sister. If anyone tries to harm her I will kill them. She hits the guy who was teasing her. He runs out.. Rajiv comes in.


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