Parineeti 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Tai ji comes out of her room and asks what’s happening? Pari touches her feet but she steps back. Tai ji says who is she? Rajeev says that’s Pari, my wife. Neeti comes to the venue and asks where is Sanju?

Is he mad because she’s late? Her friend says he’s not here yet. Neeti gets ready. Tai ji asks Pari to leave, she goes out. Rajeev says in heart Pari can’t be in his life if Tai ji disapproves of her. Tai ji says to Pari how can you forget our customs? She says Chandrika prepare for her grehparvesh.

Rajeev goes out to pick Neeti’s call. Neeti is waiting for Sanju. He friend says I hope he’s not cheating on you. Neeti says don’t say such things about him. If he doesn’t marry me I will die. Her friend says sorry I was kidding. Neeti says Sanju loves me a lot.

Rajeev goes to his room and calls Neeti. He says my dress isn’t ready that’s why I am getting late. Neeti says come fast please. Rajeev says okay. Neeti says who long will it take? Chandrika comes in and says everything is ready. Rajeev tells Neeti I will meet you in an hour.

Tai ji does Pari and Neeti’s grehparvesh. Chandrika records it. Pari enters the house. She takes blessings from the elders. Balwinder is leaving. Tai ji stos him. Chandrika tells Pari about everyone. Chandrika says there’s Priyanka too who ran away from home. Tai ji asks her to be quiet. She asks Rajeev to take Pari to her room and asks Simi and Chandrika to come with her.

Rajeev takes pari to his room. He asks why did you come without telling me and let me search a house first? Vikram says she waited long enough. And didn’t you have a house in the city? We know why you’ve married her.

They both fight. Pari gets teary. Neeti calls Sanju. Vikram and Rajeev stop fighting. He takes Neeti’s call. Kushal teases Neeti. He says let me check the arrangement. Vikram says sorry to Rajeev. Rajeev says I was also wrong. He says I’ve to go now. It’s my engagement. Pari is shocked.


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