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Parineetii 10th August 2022 Rajiv says I am very disappointed. Neeti says you have an affair and you got married. He says you don’t trust me? She says what do you want me to trust? He says someone made you doubt me and you’re questioning? You’re jealous. She says you care about my jealousy? He says what have I done?

She says who was that girl with you in the car? He says, my boss. Rajiv says why were you saying sorry? He says I told her someone wasn’t well. She was Seema’s relative and she saw me there. He says I was teasing you.

Sorry. Neeti says are you sure? He says yes. He says I am sure Pari is putting this doubt in your mind because she has problems in her house. Neeti says if anyone comes into your life I will kill her. He says no one will come between us.

Pari fixes her room. She says Rajiv must be coming. Neeti says to Rajiv I trust you the most. Please don’t ever break my trust. He says but you doubted me. You trusted Pari more. Does she even know me or our relationship? Please don’t believe anything until you see it yourself. Neeti says I am sorry.

He says a kiss would fix things that you gave me that day. Neeti says when we won the trophy together? He thinks about Pari. He says I’ve to go home. Neeti says you won’t go anywhere. He says my Tai ji will get angry. She says I am not well. You won’t go. Rajiv says try to understand. She says if you go.. You won’t get the trophy. She says we will have coffee together. Rajiv thinks what to do.

Scene 2
Chadrika fixes the room. Amit says can you get me the coffee? She says do you help me with anything? He says stop drama. She says your sister is the biggest drama. She doesn’t let us live. He says it’s useless to talk to you. He leaves. Pari comes. Pari asks is everything okay? You can share with me.

Chandirka says he cares about his family and not me. Pari says he loves you a lot. She says Simi makes our lives hell and now dadi is coming. She’s just like Simi. Pari says she will realize how good you are. Neeti says you’re the best. Pari goes back to her room.

Neeti says Sanju I will make you the best coffee. She says I got many proposals in office because of this coffee. He says wow you have many lovers in office. She says you have a call. It must be your Tai ji. Rajiv picks up the call. He says why is Pari calling. He goes out. Pari asks is everything okay.

When will you come home? He says I am in the office. I will get late. Please handle with Tai ji. He says you sleep. I will get late. Neeti says who were you explaining so much? He says it was my sister. You are doubting me again? Neeti says no, have the coffee. Rajiv hugs her. He says I need something else with coffee. Neeti shoves him.

Pari says I hope Neeti is okay but she should know the truth. I did the right thing. What if Sanju is just busy like Rajiv. She calls Neeti but she’s not picking. Neeti gives french wine to Rajiv. Rajiv holds her hand and kisses her.

Neeti says I am very lucky that I found you. He kisses her forehead. Neeti hugs him. Pari imagines marrying and being with Rajiv. Neeti gets a call. She says there is an emergency flight. I have to go. He says what.. I wanted to be with you. She kisses him and says I love you. I am sorry. He says don’t go please. Neeti says I have to go.

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