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Parineetii 12th September 2022 Neeti says your wife is dying here and you don’t have time for me. I’ve been waiting since morning, you didn’t even call once. Now you will say your boss called or your aunt isn’t well. But I won’t live alone now. I will live in your house as your wife, it’s my right. Everyone is shocked.

Pari says did you all hear? Neeti says he hung up on me. I will go to his place directly, I won’t listen to anything. Pari grabs Rajiv’s collar and says why did you break my trust. Why did you do this? Pari says Tai Ji I only had one wish, to have a husband like my dad who is loyal. I wanted a husband like he loved my mom.

What was my fault Rajiv? You broke my dreams and life. And his second wife.. who he married against me is no one but my best friend Neeti. You knew everything but you fooled both of us. Now I know why Rajiv and Sanju could never be together because they are one person.

Rajiv says in his heart this means Pari saw me with Neeti. How did I make this mistake? Pari says you knew Neeti is my friend why did you do this? He says I didn’t know. She says stop lying now. Your days start and end with lies. I have no hopes of truth from you. Tai Ji says enough Rajiv. I want to know the truth from you. Is Pari right?

If you’ve any shame left, tell us. If you knew Neeti and Pari were friends? Tell me. Rajiv says in his heart if Neeti comes here I will lose everything. Rajiv says a few days ago I found out they are friends. Not before that. Pari says and you still kept on with your lies? You made your friend sit there. So I think he’s Sanju. Now I know why were there so many problems in the wedding. Why was Shreya mad at Ajay?

Scene 2
Neeti thinks she should call Pari. She says Pari had been acting different too but she’s my best friend. She calls Pari.
Tai Ji says you cheated on Pari and fooled all of us? Neeti calls on Pari’s phone. Chandrika has it, she goes out. Chandrika says Pari can’t talk right now? are you okay? Neeti says I am fine. Neeti wonders what’s happening.

She says I am sure Pari is in a problem. Someone was shouting. I have to go there. Gurwinder says this Pari can’t even respect her husband. she’s lying. Pari says don’t try to save your son who fooled everyone.

He also lied to Neeti. Just now he was saying I love you to Neeti. Pari leaves. Rajiv says to Tai Ji I always loved Neeti. even before marrying Pari. Tai Ji slaps him. She says what did I think of you. Why did you marry Pari if you loved Neeti? He says maa asked me to. It was maa’s demand. I told her about the meeting but she forced me to marry Pari.

Tai Ji says why would Gurwinder do this? Rajiv says she wanted her lost dignity and respect back in the village. Tai Ji says you ruined two girl’s life for your power? Have some shame. I knew you can do anything for your power but you stooped so low. See what happened. Rajiv and Pari aren’t happy and poor Neeti doesn’t even know the truth. Will she live with him now? All three lives are ruined.

Gurwinder says I saved Pari’s dad’s dignity. Two guys left her in the hall. His dad was putting his turbans in people’s feet so I did what was right. I also asked him to bring Neeti, but he couldn’t. So I got him married to Pari. What was wrong? Tai Ji says I know you very well. You do everything for your benefit. Swear on your son and tell me if you took anything from her dad. She says he gave me his land himself for saving his dignity and respect. Tai Ji says now I know you did all that for the land. I will be Pari’s mother in this house. She needs me. They all leave.

Scene 3
Pari comes to her room. She recalls playing doll games with Neeti. Pari cries. She recalls Rajiv crying for Neeti. Tai Ji comes there. She recalls when Pari came to that house. Tai Ji says you can cry in front of me. Pari hugs her and cries. She says what was my fault. Why did this happen to me? Tai ji says I used to dream a lot about having a caring husband. My mom told me to not have too many expectations.

I realized a girl’s dreams never come true. Their expectations are never met. So when I got in power I tried a lot to empower women. Now when this is happening with my daughter, I will support her. I am with you in whatever you decide. Tai Ji asks her if Neeti knows. Pari says no she doesn’t. But I am scared. Tai Ji says that she will not support you to save her marriage. Pari says no I trust her. she’s my shadow. Tai Ji says sometimes our own shadow leaves us.

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