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Parineetii 13th September 2022 Pari says I trust Neeti, she’s like my shadow. Tai Ji says when it’s dark your own shadow leaves you. Pari says Neeti isn’t like that. She has always been there for me. You will know when you see her. She’s not well, I can’t tell her anything. Tai Ji says what will you do then? Pari says I have made my decision.

Neeti says I have to meet Pari. Something is wrong with her. She tries to go. The nurse says we can’t let you go. Neeti says my friend is in trouble. I have to go there. The nurse says I will call the doctor, she can’t let you go. Neeti says I have to go, I feel fine now. Pari needs me.

Pari says I will face everything. Tai Ji says you’ve to choose between your marriage and Rajiv and Neeti. But whatever you decide, it will impact 3 lives. If you think Rajiv repents a bit think about it. Pari says what? Tai Ji says I am not saying because he’s my family. I am saying this because you have loved him, he’s your life.

I know you can’t live without him. But do what your heart says. Rajiv and Gurinder will have to accept your decision. I will make sure of that. I am sorry too. Pari says you’re like a mother to me.

Don’t say that. Tai Ji says you’re a diamond. Pari says I have made my decision. I will announce it in front of me. Tai Ji says I will go against everyone for your right. Tell me what have you decided? Pari says I will announce it in front of everyone.

Scene 2
Monty sees Neeti. He asks where are you going? She says where is SAnju? He says Sanju is home. He sent me to meet you. Maa is there. Neeti says ask him to stay home, I am going to my friend. Monty wonders which friend. He says I have to stop her. Neeti’s head hurts. She says I have to go for Pari.

Pari asks Tai Ji what would you do if you were in my place? She says I would ask my husband if he would repent and is ready to leave his second wife, I would give him a chance. Pari says that my second wife is his best friend and this marriage is based on a lie.

I can’t live a life like that. I will think about myself too this time. Let’s go. The doctor stops Neeti. She says you can’t go. We can’t let you go, you’re not well. Neeti says my friend is in trouble. I have to go. Neeti faints. The doctor rushes her back to the room.

Scene 3
Everyone comes downstairs. Gurinder says in her heart I think she recalled her place, now I will take revenge for my son and my insult. Rajiv says in his heart I will show her who Rajiv is, she can’t win from me. Simi says free entertainment. Chandrika prays for Pari. Pari recalls when she came to that house.

Pari sees Rajiv. He says are you calm now? She says I have nothing in my heart for you. When you used to leave me home, come home late at night, never take me to dinners, events, or places I thought shortcoming was in me. I am from a small town. I tried to change myself for you. I thought you might love me but how would you? You loved someone else.

Rajiv says she’s started again. Pari says to Gurinder girls are told to accept their in-laws as family, then why can’t the family accept them as daughters? You both fooled me. You are still supporting him. You both lied to me, you just said he couldn’t find a better girl than me. Why didn’t you tell him that? I would always hide my mistakes that he would mind. Did he think about me once before hurting me? Why didn’t he? Now I have decided.

Chandrika says Pari please calm down. Think about it, I know you’re hurt. Go to your room. Pari says I will never go back to that room. I have no right about it. Chandrika says Rajiv will try to fix his mistake and save this marriage. Pari says him? He didn’t even try to fix it today. He will save this marriage?

It’s too late now. I have made my decision. My decision is that I won’t live in this house. I accepted you as my husband and life. You never considered me your wife. I will end this marriage today Mr. Rajiv Bajwa. Tao Ji says please think before making such a big decision. Pari says Rajiv should have thought. This marriage was never really so don’t be so upset. He gives her blessings.

Pari says this marriage is over, forever. Pari throws water on the fire. Tai Ji stops Gurinder and says let her do what she wants. Gurinder thinks she will lose her power. Tai Ji says you’re scared that she might go to Barnala and expose you. Gurinder says the entire village will speak ill of us. You can stop her. Tai ji says I can but I won’t. I promised her I will support her. I accept her decision. I don’t want her to live a fake life to save your fake dignity.

Pari comes downstairs with her bag. Pari thanks Tai ji for always supporting her.

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