Parineetii 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 15th July 2022 Neeti cries she says I never expected you would do this. she gets angry and says done with this. I am going home. If he wants to talk he will come there. He ruined our special night. I won’t ever talk to him.

She packs her bags and says I was waiting for him. She sees a letter on the table. She reads I love you sorry Neeti for the mistake I made. When you and Pari went downstairs I got a call from home. My Tai Ji had fallen from the stairs. I had to rush in an emergency. I am sorry I will see you tomorrow.

She says I am such an idiot, he has a family too. I was thinking so wrong. Sukhwinder calls. She’s crying. Neeti asks what happened? She says I miss you so much. Neeti says don’t say that. Sukhwinder says to give Sanju a lot of love and prayers. She says yes he’s here.

Scene 2
Rajiv is worried at home. Pari comes home. She says Rajiv you.. He points at Tai Ji. Everyone is sitting in anger. Pari says Tai ji Rajiv.. She says he is fine. I told you not to go out, how dare you. What do you think of yourself? DILs of respected families don’t go out at night like this. You didn’t even tell me.

Pari says I didn’t want to bother you and you said no. Tai Ji says shut up. This is my house and my rule works here. You have disrespected me. Pari says no Tai Ji. Rajiv said he was going to the hospital. Simi says this is just a scratch. Rajiv says no dressing wasn’t needed. You had a misunderstanding.

Tai Ji says Chandrika tells her the rules of this house and everyone has to follow them. This is your last mistake. Don’t expect forgiveness after this. Go to your room now. Neeti calls Pari. Pari cries. Chandrika says don’t cry. Elders scold. Pari says I am not crying because she scolded but she said I insulted her. I can’t even imagine that. Chandrika says don’t cry. Smile. She hugs her and says go and sleep.

Rajiv talks to Neeti. He says sorry I couldn’t inform you. How is Rajiv? She says he’s fine. He is home and Pari has gone home too. Neeti is in the car. She says how is your Tai Ji? He says she fell from the stairs but she is better. He says this friend of your Pari.. she is your enemy. Who ruins their friend’s wedding night?

Neeti says don’t say that. She was also very sorry. Don’t keep anything like that in your heart about her. She is my best friend. When I was mad at you she calmed me down. He says why were you maD? She says I didn’t see your letter and you left without telling me. She is so nice. He says you read the letter now right?

She says yes otherwise I was so angry. He says what did you think about me? She says I would murder you if you do this again. She says why didn’t you call me? He says my phone was dead. Pari comes. Rajiv goes to the room.

Pari says Rajiv.. He ignores her. Pari says do you also think I am wrong? I was very worried when I got to know about your accident. She says I didn’t want to bother Tai Ji so I went to look for you. He says what happened wasn’t right?

She says nothing happened. I didn’t mind Tai Ji scolded me. I didn’t mind it. My mom would have slapped me instead. Tai Ji is so nice she only scolded me. He says shut up your rubbish. Tai Ji was completely right. Are you an idiot? Who leaves the house like this? This is not your village, it’s a big city.

What if something happened? I am not a child that you need to look for. She says but Rajiv. He says you want to tie me with your hand and keep me in this room forever. She says why would I want that? He says now crying against a few words. We are grown-ups. Act a bit mature at least. We are not kids.

Crying won’t solve the problems. I told you I would come then what was such a big problem that you left the house? It was just a small accident. He gets loud and says this is the bruise and you made such a big issue. I had to leave all the office work because you kept calling and bothering me.

Tai ji got mad at me because of me. She says I saw a bad dream. I saw Daler come to our house and attacked you. When I went to that place a shopkeeper told me there was a terrible accident there. He says that the man lied to him so she doesn’t get worried. I thought that man is you. I was very worried. What else could I do? He says you know I am a bad person right? Don’t do all this for me again.

She says you’re everything to me. I was so happy to see you better. Please take care of yourself. I don’t know what am I to you. But to me, you’re my everything. She cries. Rajiv wipes her tears. Rajiv holds her and wipes her tears. Pari hugs him. Rajiv says please sleep. I am tired too. Rajiv goes out. Pari sleeps.

Scene 3
Neeti wakes up. She looks at her sindur and smiles. Neeti looks outside, Rajiv comes and hugs her. He says you look so pretty. He says I already had the keys. He says you have changed so much after the wedding. She says you’ve changed. He says look at yourself, sindur, and everything. You look the prettiest girl in the girl.

She says yet you left me. He says I am sorry. She says I still have the right to fight. Wives like to fight. Rajiv comes close to her. She says stay away. I will make tea. He says I will make tea for you. Rajiv dances with Neeti. He kisses her cheek.

Pari picks up Rajiv’s shirts for laundry. She folds them and sees lipstick on his shirt. Pari is shocked. Rajiv makes breakfast for Neeti. Neeti comes. Neeti helps him. She says you can’t even make tea alone. Pari is shocked. She sees a girl’s hair on his shirt too. Pari recalls he was wearing that shirt at night. Pari says what is another girl’s hair doing on Rajiv’s shirt?


Parineetii 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tai Ji asks Pari what was so such a big problem that you had to go to your friend’s place? Pari says I went to tell a truth. Rajiv’s truth. Rajiv has an affair with another girl. Tai ji asks Rajiv if it’s true. He says yes I love someone else not Pari.


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