Parineetii 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 16th September 2022 Rajiv says to Gurinder that Neeti hates me. She will leave me. Please leave. She says how can I leave you alone? Rajiv says I will lose everything Pari tells Neeti everything. Gurinder says then go to Neeti and convince her.

Rajiv says she hates lies. If Pari couldn’t get convinced Neeti won’t even listen. Rajiv says it all happened because of you. I can break any relation to save my marriage with Neeti. She says wow I did everything for you and you will leave me for her?

She says wow. This was left to hear. I asked you to find Neeti, it’s all your fault. Why did you marry her after marrying Pari? Rajiv says I told you I love Neeti. You got me stuck in all this. I don’t want to talk to you. She says I am leaving, I will never forgive you for this behavior.

Scene 2
Pari asks the nurse what’s the problem. Please tell me, is Neeti okay? She says yes it’s good news. Neeti is pregnant. You will be an aunt. She is pregnant with Sanju’s child. Pari shocked. Rajvi says I fooled and lied to everyone. I am happy Pari freed me, she left me and told me everything.

I feel guilty for ruining her life but I can’t lose Neeti. How will I face her? I have said enough lies. I will start a new life with my Neeti. I will leave this house and won’t lie to anyone ever. He packs his things and sees the best couple trophy. He says I lied to Pari so much and she trusted me everytime. Chandrika says Rajiv come with me. Tai ji has fainted.

Scene 3
Pari walks on the road. She comes to the temple crying. The doctor checks Tai ji. Rajvi says Tai Ji.. are you okay? Tao Ji says don’t even come near Pami. Stay away from her. It’s her fault that she loved you more than Monty and Balwinder. You think you must be very smart. Get out of here.

See what you did to her. You are a stain on our family. You don’t deserve forgiveness. You lied to both Pari and Neeti. You’re disgusting. Balwinder says the doctor is coming. Let’s go. Tao Ji says don’t stop me. You fooled yourself only. You saw Neeti’s love but couldn’t see Pari’s love. You lied to two girls. How can you even do this? I didn’t care much for Pami but I never cheated on her. I hate your face. I can’t see you, get out of here.

Pari rings the temple bell and cries. Pari recalls everything and cries. Pari says show me a way, tell me what to do? What was my fault? Why is this happening to me? I faced all the troubles you sent my way but I am so tired.

I don’t know where to go. Neeti and I promised to be honest with each other always. How do I tell her the truth? But I can’t hide the truth from here like Rajiv. How do I tell her that her child’s father is a cheater? How will I fix all this? I don’t know how to get out of this mess. I have no one. Where do I go? Please show me a way. She cries.

Rajiv says Tai Ji treated me like a mother and this is what I did to her. I can’t see her in pain. Pami opens her eyes. Tao Ji asks are you okay? She looks away from Rajiv. Rajiv says don’t look away, please. I know it’s my fault. Please forgive me. Don’t look away. Pari says what’s my fault? What’s Neeti’s fault? Why is this happening to us? Where do I go? Show me a way. Sindur falls on Pari’s head.

Chandrika gives Pami coffee. She says let me die. Tao Ji says don’t punish yourself for the person who never respected and loved you. We did everything for him and he did this, we should stop caring. Pami says I am not thinking about it, I am thinking about Pari. He did the sin, not Pari. I want her back in this house.

He will leave the house. Gurinder says this is Rajiv’s house and he has the right to be in this house. She’s an outsider and no one asked her to leave. I begged to stop her. She still left. How is this Rajiv’s fault? Rajiv says Tai Ji is right. I should be punished.

Pari sees the sindur on her head.


Parineetii 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari stands on edge of the cliff. Rajiv says Pari listen to me. I didn’t want to hurt you, your family, or Neeti. I was helpless. Pari says stop lying. You cared about yourself. You were scared that if you truth comes out you might lose things. He says stop Pari. There is a cliff. Please stop. Part falls. Everyone comes therre. Rajiv screams. Pami says, Pari. She says Rajiv is responsible for all this. Inspector arrests him.


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