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Parineetii 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 19th July 2022 Monty asks Rajiv where are you taking Neeti for a date? He says in a new restaurant only couples are allowed there. Monty says I will take your photos. Rajiv says shut up. He says I hope tonight is special for me and Neeti and Pari don’t spoil it too. Neeti says to Pari don’t worry I will expose Rajiv so bad his own family will hate him. He is cheating on Pari who makes everyone hers.

Pari says I couldn’t make him mine. What if mummy Ji gets sick? Neeti says she won’t know. Start noticing his patterns. If he doesn’t take the driver follow him. My friend did the same. Pari says how will I do that? She says trying to check his phone. Once we have that we will have proof. Pari says how can I do that? Neeti says he’s cheating on you. We have to do this. Steal his phone. Neeti says we will catch him red-handed.

Rajiv gets ready. He says I hope my night doesn’t get ruined. Monty says don’t worry. Just enjoy the night. The peon spills coffee on Rajiv’s feet. He says oh God it’s starting bid. Monty says get a bit late. Show her your importance.

He says Neeti is the most important to me. Neeti says to Pari that Sanju is very important to me. He’s very different. Pari says I am very happy for you. Simi calls Pari and says is this a hotel you can leave whenever you want. Pari says to Neeti I’ve to go home. Neeti says keep updating me. Pari says thank you for always supporting me. Neeti hugs her.

Scene 2
Rajiv comes home. The maid runs after her to make her eat. Rajiv says see Mishika I got a doll for you. Mishika says she is so pretty just like Pari Chachi. I will call her Pari chachi. Pari is yours and this will be mine. She gets me a male doll. I will get them married like you and Pari. Monty asks Rajiv to get ready and leave. Monty says Mishika let’s go play. Rajiv goes to his room to get ready. Pari comes home too. She sees Rajiv.

Tai Ji stops Pari and asks where did you go? Why are you sneaking in.. Pari says I.. Simi says this is your in-law’s house. If anything happens to you your family will question us. Tai Ji asks where did you go? Tell me.

She says I went to my friend’s place. She says why are you looking at Rajiv? He can’t do anything. Did you tell anyone? You could ask or tell anyone. What do you wanna prove? That nothing matters to you. You don’t need to respect Tai Ji. Pari says it’s not like that. Tai Ji says why have we bothered you so much that you had to go to your friend’s place? Simi says look at this village girl she is so outgoing.

Pari says it’s not like that. Simi says your family taught you nothing. Pari says enough. I won’t hear a word from my parents. Rajiv says shut up Pari. How dare you talk to my Tai Ji and sister like that. She’s telling you something right. Don’t threaten them instead. Learn to respect elders. Tai Ji says stop it Rajiv.

You can’t talk to your wife like that. She asks Pari why did she have to go to her friend’s place? Simi says answer what mummy Ji is asking. Pari says I went to tell her the truth. Tai Ji asks what truth? Pari says Rajiv’s truth. He has an affair with someone else. I saw lipstick marks on his shirt. Everyone is shocked.

Tai Ji says do you even know what you’re accusing your husband of? Simi says how dare accuses my brother so such a disgusting thing. Tai Ji says let me talk. Tai Ji asks Rajiv is right? Answer me. Is this true? Rajiv says no this is not true. She is making stories. Pari says really? Then tell me why didn’t you come after pagpheray to pick me back? Because you had an affair here. I kept waiting for you.

I kept looking for you. You don’t love me. This marriage is one-sided. Tai Ji says Rajiv she is saying so many things. Answer me if she is right. Is this true? Rajiv says yes it’s true. I don’t love Pari. I love someone else. Everyone is shocked. Tai ji slaps Rajiv. She says have some shame. Rajiv says this marriage was forced.

Pari was never my choice and will never be. She is a village’s loser girl. I wanted to marry a modern girl. I only got married because of mummy Ji. She has to improve her name in the village. The problem is not with me, it’s with her. That’s why two people rejected her. No one wanted to marry her.

Her dad gave people his property to marry her. ASk her why her dad had to do that? What was her shortcoming that no one was marrying her. Tai ji says shut up. Not a word more. I won’t tolerate you saying such things about a girl. Get out of my house right. Rajiv says I am saying the truth. What’s my fault? Kick her out of this house. She’s not your family, I am. There’s no place for her in my life and this house. It’s all happening because of her. Leave this house right now. Pari is shocked.

Pari says yes it’s all my fault. It was my fault that I loved and trusted you the most. He says I have no interest in your melodrama. I love someone else. Leave this house and my life. Tai Ji says to Rajiv enough. GEt out of this house. He says Tai Ji please I am your son. Please you can’t do this.

She locks him outside. Simi says if Rajiv is gone, what is she doing here? She was here because of her husband. she says to Pari if you have any shame get out of this house. Tai Ji says Simi is right. I don’t want any more drama in this house. You get out of this house too. Pari says no Tai Ji please..

where will I go? This is my house. My mom will get really sick if I go back. Please don’t kick me out. Tai Ji says with what relation should I keep you here? You were here because of Rajiv. Pari says my mom is very sick please don’t do this. Tai Ji kicks Pari out of the house too and locks the gate. Pari says don’t do this Tai Ji please. Please where will I go? My mom will get sick. Pari cries outside and recalls what Rajiv said.

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