Parineetii 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 23rd September 2022 Monty says we can’t change what happened. Let’s just pray that we find Pari. Rajiv sees a girl on, the road. He says, Pari.. Rajiv goes to her. He says Pari.. Pari talk to me.

Are you okay? We were all looking for you. I know I have done a sin. I know you loved me, please forgive me. Pari says you took everything from me, only an apology is left. You will take that too? Was my love valued at a pardon only? He says no I value you. I can never be happy, Neeti and I will never be happy if you don’t forgive me.

She says you still care about your happiness? and that you won’t be happy if I don’t forgive you. What about me? He says please punish me so my repentance is done. I am ready to be punished. Please punish me. She says okay I will listen to you today too. You wanna repent your sins right?

You have to be away from your love Neeti as well so you know how it feels when your love betrays you. When the person you love the most ruins your life. He says what are you saying? Pari says this is the repentance of your love. Rajiv says Pari please stop. Monty says what are you saying? He was imagining her. Monty takes him back to the car.

Scene 2
Mandeep says I want a necklace on this Diwali. Harman says I am worried for Pari. She hasn’t called back in 4 hours. I feel like something is wrong. Mandeep says you don’t care about your family, you care about that Pari? She is in her home, He says let me talk to Gurpreet. Mandeep calls Chandrika.

She asks how are you? Chandrika says not okay. Pari has left the house. We don’t know where she is. Mandeep says now this Pari has created another problem. I won’t let anyone else find out. She will come here and create another drama. Harman wakes her up. She was dreaming all this.

Chandrika says to Amit mummy Ji that Rajiv has done so bad to Pari. He says she’s still my mom. They go to Gurinder. She says what do you want? To see if your mom is dead? When your Tai ji was insulting me you were silent. Now they sent you to spy on me? Chandrika says they sent us to see if you’re okay.

Gurinder says this house is mine as well. Pami took everything from me and donated my land so she can do politics. We had no land so what if I took some on Rajiv’s wedding? Chandrika says what you did to Pari was wrong. Gurinder says ask your wife to go from here. Chandrika leaves in anger. Amit goes after her.

Scene 3
Rajiv and Monty are at the hospital. There is an emergency case. The nurse says the girl fell from the mountain. She did suicide on the mountain. Rajiv asks Nurse about the girl. She says that girl is in the mortuary. She’s dead. Rajiv is shocked. Monty holds him. He says we have to go and check.

The doctor checks Pami and says you shouldn’t take any stress. Pami says I need to find Pari back. Tao Ji asks her to take medicine. She says it’s so late. I am so scared. She’s gone nowhere. Something wrong has happened with her. I am responsible for it. Tao Ji says have faiht in God. She never did wrong to anyone. Simi says please eat mom. Pami says Pari brought so many good things into this house. Tao Ji says she will be back home soon.

Rajiv is outside the mortuary. He cries. The nurse takes him inside to identify the body. Rajiv goes in. Rajiv signs the papers and cries. He says I betrayed Pari and now I am her murderer?


Parineetii 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pami says to Pari I will get you your rights in this house and in Rajiv’s life. Neeti cries and says if Sanju’s family hasn’t accepted me, how will they accept my child? Pari says to Neeti I promise you I will get you your rights in Sanju’s house


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