Parineetii 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 26th April 2022 Pari feels Rajeev’s presence behind her, she turns around but doesn’t find anyone there. She looks around but there is no one there. Otherside Rajeev is coming to Neeti’s building, he meets his client and goes with him.

Mandeep is worried, she helps a staff member by taking tea for the family. All family members are eating when Gurpreet coughs. All rush to help her. Mandeep is angry to see everyone caring for her. She thinks what if something wrong happens on the way? She mixes some powder in the tea and gives it to Gurpreet.

Neeti brings the taxi driver to her building. He asks if this is your building? Neeti says I have to bring cash from my apartment, I live alone so I will come there. The taxi driver says what if I can’t find you? Neeti gives her flat number to him and goes to get the cash. The taxi driver says she wants me to take advantage of her, that’s good.

All family members are leaving but Gurpreet feels dizzy. She says I have pain in my chest. Mandeep screams and says she might be having a heart attack. We have to take here to some hospital. Vicky says we should go back to the village. Harman calls his doctor and says we are coming back. Gurpreet says I am fine, Harman says no, we need to get you checked.

Neeti arrives at her house. Pari says I feel something wrong happened with mummy. Neeti says don’t worry, she must be fine. Neeti gets the taxi driver’s call and asks him to come to her apartment. she ends the call and tries to call Sanju but he doesn’t pick up. Neeti picks up a broom and says I will teach that driver a lesson.

He comes to the apartment. The driver sees Pari there and asks what is going on? Neeti says we called you here to beat you up. The driver says I have got two girls so I am lucky. Neeti says that girl is like my sister so I will teach you a lesson.

Pari says let it be. Neeti asks Pari to slap him, she tells the driver that I will bring you to your knees. She asks Pari to slap him. Pari is about to slap him but he grabs her. Neeti tries to beat him but he grabs her. Neeti throws a pot at him and takes a butter knife. The driver gets scared and tries to run from there but Rajeev is outside her house.

The doctor checks Gurpreet and says there is nothing to worry. I have given her medicines and she just has gas. She just has to take care of herself. Gurpreet thanks her and asks if they can go to Chandigarh? The doctor says you have to take a rest.

Neeti tells Sanju to not spare him. Rajeev enters the house and runs behind the driver. Pari doesn’t see his face. Rajeev beats him up. Pari says why are we going this? Neeti says we have to teach him a lesson. Your husband would have done the same right? Rajeev beats the driver and asks him to say sorry to the girl. He beats him up. Pari knocks on the room and says leave him. The driver pushes him away and runs from the room. The driver says I won’t spare you guys. Neeti takes his ID card.

The doctor tells Gurpreet to take a rest for some days and then she can go. She leaves from there. Beeji tells Gurpreet to focus on her health and just bless her daughter from here only. Gurpreet says yes, we will go there after some days.

Neeti and Pari grab the driver and put a sheet over him. Neeti beats him with a stick. Pari asks her to stop it. The driver asks her to calm down. Neeti makes him sit on the chair and asks Pari to bring a rope. Rajeev is locked in a room and screams to open it. Pari says sorry, the door is locked, I will call Pari.


Parineetii 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gurpreet comes to meet Gurvindar and asks where is her Parineet? Guvindar calls Rajeev and says Pari’s mother thinks Pari is living with you in Chandigarh.Rajeev is outside the washroom and tells Pari to not cry, things won’t change by crying. You shouldn’t be scared as Neeti and I are with you.


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