Parineetii 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 27th April 2022 Rajeev is on the other side of the room and tells Pari that he and Neeti are with him. Pari goes from there and brings the rope to Neeti. Neeti ties him to the chair, and the driver is scared. Pari says we should hand him over to the police.

Neeti says they won’t do anything, she asks Pari to slap him hard so that he will never molest another girl. Pari says I can’t do that. Neeti asks Pari to show bravery, you lost your husband’s address because of him, he wanted to molest me also. Pari gets angry and slaps him, she keeps slapping him.

Pari cries and tells Neeti that I am away from Rajeev because of him. Neeti hugs her. The driver says please let me go now. Neeti asks him to confess everything to the police otherwise her boyfriend won’t spare him as he works in the underworld. The driver is scared and says I am ready to do anything.

Neeti records his video and he confesses to trying to molest Pari. Pari looks at Neeti and recalls how she always helped her. The inspector arrives there. Some other man brings Rajeev out of the room. The inspector checks his video confession. Neeti asks Rajeev to go and check on Pari.

She has locked herself in the washroom and cries. Rajeev says please don’t cry, come and give your statement to the police. I know you are crying but don’t worry, your bad time has passed, you don’t have to be scared because Neeti and I are with you. Neeti won’t like when she knows that you are crying. He leaves from there. Neeti comes there and takes Pari with her.

Gurpreet arrives at Gurvindar’s house and asks where is her Parineet? Gurvindar says I don’t know. Gurpreet says you should ask Rajeev, she is in Chandigarh with him. Dadi comes there and she is not in Chandigarh. Gurpreet says where is my Pari then? Gurvindar takes Dadi aside and asks her to be silent. Gurpreet asks where is my Pari? Dadi leaves from there. Gurpreet asks Gurvindar to call Rajeev and ask him about Pari.

The inspector is trying to arrest the driver but he pushes them and runs away. Rajeev runs behind him and catches him. The inspector asks him to come to the police station, he says I am coming. He calls Neeti and asks her to come and talk to him. Neeti sees Pari hurting her foot and gives her the first aid. Rajeev waits for Neeti outside the house. Neeti goes to him and asks what happened? Rajeev hugs her tightly and says I was feeling something weird.

Gurvindar tells Gurpreet that I will go and give a call to Rajeev. Gurvindar calls Rajeev and says you should have told me that Pari is with you. Rajeev says she is not with me, I love someone else and I will spend my life with her. Gurvindar says I don’t care but Pari’s mother is here and she thinks that Pari is with you.

Just don’t forget that Pari is in Chandigarh. Rajeev says I don’t care where she is. Gurpreet comes there and takes the phone. She asks Rajeev if he is there? Rajeev ends the call. Gurvindar says I think they are out so he couldn’t hear me. She calls him again. Rajeev says I don’t want to talk to Pari’s family, he ends the call. Gurvindar says he couldn’t hear us. Gurpreet says sorry for confronting you, she takes Rajeev’s call and leaves. Gurvindar gives her a wrong number.

Neeti comes to Rajeev and asks what happened? Rajeev says I have realized that your best friend is more important to you. Neeti says don’t ask me to choose between her and you as I will choose her then. Rajeev says I don’t mind that but you shouldn’t put your life in danger for anyone. Neeti says I can do anything for her, she is not strong so I have to protect her.

Rajeev says I am just scared so we should get married tomorrow only. Neeti says I will do a big engagement first, I want a traditional marriage. Rajeev says let’s do engagement tomorrow then. Pari calls out to Neeti and asks if everything is fine? Neeti says Sanju is feeling jealous that I care about you more, you should talk to him and tell him that I love you the most. She opens the door for Pari.


Parineetii 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari tells Neeti that I am feeling weird, why didn’t Rajeev look for me?

Vicky calls Neeti so she says what is wrong with you all? Mandeep left Pari alone at the bus stand in a new city? Vicky is stunned and goes to confront Mandeep. He goes to Rajeev’s brother and threatens to give Rajeev’s address. He gets it and comes to Pari in Chandigarh, he says I have Rajeev’s address so I will drop you there. Pari gets excited.


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