Parineetii 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 28th September 2022 Chandrika cries. She says why is all this happening to Pari? I can’t see her like this. She is my sister. I can’t see her like this. He says I know it’s not easy. God will fix everything. She says Rajiv said he loves Neeti only.

Amit says but Pari also loves Rajiv. God will do the best for all three of them. Chandrika says sorry I was rude to you. He says no you were right. Mom and Rajiv were wrong. Chandrika says God please save Pari. Her life is ruined. He says don’t cry. We are all with him.

Pari asks the driver to drive fast. He says there is a procession on the road. We have to take another route. Pari is worried for Neeti. Rajiv comes to the hospital. Rajiv sees Neeti and thinks I am so sorry. I can’t fall in your eyes.

I need to be clear to you. I hope you will understand. Rajiv comes in and asks sister to leave. Neeti says sister won’t go anywhere. We will talk at home. Doctors are here. I don’t need you to take care of me. Rajiv requests the nurse.

SHe leaves. Rajiv sits with Neeti. She says don’t touch me. He says I want to discuss something serious with you. You might not like what I tell you. Promise me you won’t ever leave me. Neeti says what is it? Is it about some girl? He says I only love you. Don’t take any stress please. She says I am already stressed. He says when I saw you for the first time I fell in love. I knew you were my dream girl. Then you left Barnala. I couldn’t find you. Then so much happened in my life. Some incidents were because of my mom. She said for her I.. someone..

Pari comes in and says Sanju is joking. Neeti says you here? Both my lifelines are in front of me. Neeti says but how do you know what was he gonna say? Pari says his mom didn’t let him come to Chandigarh to find you. Neeti says that’s it? Did you get stressed about that? You are so innocent. She says let’s hug.

Pari gets teary. Pari says let me go to the doctor, the doctor wants to discuss something with Sanju too. Neeti says why are you taking my permission? You’re his half wife, I mean sister in law. Neeti asks Sanju why are you so shy? Go with her.

Pari drags Rajiv. Pami and entire family comes there. Rajiv says where are you taking me? What is this craze? Pari says what were you going to do? He says everyone considers me a liar, I want to be honest to her. Pari says you are a liar. There’s no doubt about that. But you can’t play with Neeti’s life. He says I love Neeti.

Pari says you can’t risk her life like this if you loved her. He says Neeti will accept the truth. Pami says what if he tells Neeti everything? Gurpreet comes and says what truth? Pami is shocked. Pari says you ruined my life, I won’t let you ruin Neeti’s life. If anything happens to her I will kill you. Her life is in danger. Rajiv says her life is out of danger. Pari says you can’t tell her the truth.

Harman and Gurpreet ask what happened? Pari says I won’t you ruin Neeti’s life. Harman says we came here for Gurpreet’s checkup. Pari says you can’t tell Neeti. He says it’s my decision what will you tell her. I am her husband and you’re just his friend. Gurpreet asks is eveything okay? Pami says it’s a small fight.

Simi says tell her the truth. Her mom should know what her daughter has done. Gurpreet says what has she done? Tell me I will talk to her. Pami says it’s their personal matter. Don’t worry. Harman says why are they shouting? Rajiv says what do you want? You’ve a problem with truth. You have a problem with lies.

She says peace. Can you give me that? He says I have said sorry a thousand times. She says you don’t feel sorry. You’re still in our pride. You can never change. Gurpreet says how can she talk to Rajiv is that tone. I will talk to her. She knocks on the door and says Pari. Open the door.

Rajiv says I love Neeti. I will tell her the truth. I don’t care what you think. SHe says you can never love anyone. You have always lied to me and Neeti. Gurpreet’s condition gets bad. You like playing with lives. He says I did all this on my mom’s order. She says your mom has ruined many lives and you are just like her.

He says not a single word. Pari says you can’t silent me by shouting. He says shut up. Pari says you shut. Pami says Pari open the door. Your mom is here. Pari rushes out. Gurpreet has fainted. Pari says mummy ji.. are you okay? Pami says she heard you fighting with Rajiv. They rush her to emergency. Pari looks at Rajiv in anger. Pari cries for her mom. Chandrika and Pami give her strength. Pari cries.


Parineetii 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv comes to Neeti and says I want to tell you the truth. Pari says you can’t do that. Rajiv says shut up. Neeti shocked. Rajiv says I won’t stay silent. Pari says Rajiv be silent. Neeti says why did you call Sanju Rajiv? Rajiv says because I am Rajiv. You both are my wives. Neeti faints. The doctor checks her and says Neeti is no more.


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