Parineetii 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 2nd September 2022 Tai ji is getting ready as Beeji is coming, she is not happy about it but her husband asks her to be happy as my mother is coming.

Tai ji asks Simi to wake up, Beeji is coming so don’t do anything wrong. She goes to Amit and asks where is Chandrika? He says she is in the kitchen. Tai ji comes to her, she says I am making halwa for Beeji.

Tai ji goes to Pari and asks where is Rajeev? Pari says he left for some work. Tai ji asks if anything is wrong between you both? Pari says no. She thinks how can I tell her that everything is finished between us,

if he had told me before then I would have never married him. Pari recalls calling Neeti and asking about her health. Neeti asked her to come and meet her, do you love Rajeev more than me? Pari thought I have lost everything so I can’t tell her anything as I might lose her too.

Neeti told her that she scared Sanju by saying I am not feeling well so he would be coming here in a bit, I will give him a romantic surprise. I am lucky to have a loving husband and an amazing best friend. Pari says I will come there later and ended the call. Neeti found her behavior weird. The flashback ends.

Rajeev arrives at the hospital and is worried about Neeti but she is fine and laughs at him. Rajeev says I got so scared. Ajay says Neeti wanted to scare you and then surprise you. Rajeev asks him to leave. He throws him out of the room. Rajeev looks at the balloons and cake in the room.

Neeti says I had to scare you before surprising you. Rajeev says you have to give me a kiss. He is about to kiss her but Ajay comes back and goes to the washroom. Rajeev asks Neeti to kiss him but stops herself. Ajay brings a cake there, Rajeev sits with Neeti and cuts it with her. Ajay takes their picture.

Rajeev makes her eat it and hugs her. Neeti says I called Pari and asked her to come but she ignored me, she is behaving weirdly. Rajeev looks on. He thinks if Pari knows the truth? I can’t think like that.

Neeti says I have to eat hospital food now. Shay brings food for Rajeev and says Neeti asked me to bring your favorite food. The nurse brings food for Neeti, she doesn’t want to eat it but he says you can’t eat spices right now. He makes her eat with his hands.

Tai ji and others are ready to welcome Beeji.

Pari is getting ready and her alter ego tells her that you are not their daughter in law, tell everyone the truth. How can you live with a man who wronged you like this. Pari says I will confront Rajeev one day, why did he do this with me? What was wrong with me that he did this? Her alter ego tells her that he kept fooling you but he fooled your best friend too. You can’t forget how close he was with Neeti,

can you imagine how intimate he must be with Neeti? Can you tell the truth to anyone? Pari cries and breaks the mirror. She steps on a glass piece and hurts herself. She cries but takes out the glass piece from her foot. She says I have nothing left in my life.


Parineetii 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajeev is on the call with Neeti and says if you want me there then tell me you love me, Neeti says I love you. Rajeev says I love you too. Pari hides and hears that. Later on, Rajeev tells Pari that husband and wife fight but what’s the problem? Pari says the problem is that I know everything, I saw you. Rajeev gets scared.


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