Parineetii 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 30th September 2022 Rajiv says I know you love me a lot and our love is very strong. Neeti says yes but what is it? He says you might not believe but if you try to understand you will realize it wasn’t my mistake.

I only love you. Neeti says you’re stressing me. Rajiv says when I came here to look for you from Barnala. You had left Barnala already. You.. i.. Neeti says what is it? He says my mom before you.. She.. Pari comes in. Neeti says wow, you both are here in front of me. Neeti says Pari Sanju is so silent.

He is insecure of you. He was telling me some Barnala story. Pari says what? Neeti says what happened to him when I shifted here and his mom was forcing him to marry another girl. What happened next? Pari should know how much you’ve fought for me. What’s the twist? He is saying I should trust him and he loves me a lot. Neeti says did you get engaged to anyone else? Pari says leave the past.

You both are married now. Don’t give her stress. Neeti says no no I am not stressed. My Sanju is mine only, he can never marry anyone else. The nurse comes in and says I’ve to change her dressing. Pari goes to the doctor. Rajvi also goes ouot.

Rajiv says why did you come here? Why did you stop me? What do you want? She says Neeti’s life. She has to stay healthy and alive. Rajvi says she will find out one day or other. Pari says you have cheated on her. Telling her now won’t fix it. He says you keep giving lectures. You don’t care about me. What should I do? Sit silently and lose my love? I care and love Neeti. Pari says then let her live.

Let her live on a lie till she’s strong enough to face the truth. Rajiv says who are you to decide the right time? She says Neeti’s friend and sister and her.. because of you. I am not selfish like you. If you loved her you would have cared for her health. It’s useless to make you see anything. You were saying sorry to me a while ago. Now you’re shouting at me? He says what else should I do? You don’t care about how I feel. Think about your friend, she should know the truth. Pari says I won’t let you tell her till she’s better. The nurse asks them to not shout.

Scene 2
Chandrika and Amit also come to the hospital. Chandrika says I hope Rajiv didn’t tell Neeti anything. If anything happens to her child Pari won’t be able to forgive herself. He says let’s go. They must be upstairs. Pari says Neeti is happy after so long. Please don’t take away her happiness.

Rajiv says I want to apologize to her. She has the right to know the truth. I am trying to fix everything. My guilt will be resolved. Let me tell her the truth. She says you are doing a mistake. Rajiv shoves her and leaves. Pari says you have to hide the truth for your child. Rajiv is shocked. He says, my child? Pari says yes, Neeti is pregnant. You can’t understand what it is for a woman to become a mother.

Please don’t take away this happiness from her. Rajiv is happy and in tears. He says am I going to be a father? Neeti and I will start a family? But why didn’t she tell me? Pari says because you started your story first. You both are a family now. I am the only wall between you both. Forget everything and start a new life with Neeti and her child. I will leave forever. Rajiv says no. I will tell her the truth. I can’t live life with a lie.

Neeti thinks about what Rajiv said. Neeti asks the nurse who was fighting. She says I don’t know. Neeti thinks they sounded like Pari and Rajiv. But why would they fight? She goes out to check. Pari says please don’t tell her anything. If she harms herself she can lose her child too. Please forget it. He asks how can I forget all that I’ve done to her and you?

I will tell her the truth. Pari says you stayed silent and ruined three lives. Can’t you save three lives now by staying silent? It’s about that child and Neeti. He says the truth won’t hide. What if she finds out later? Would they be able to live later? If you’re her friend, go and tell her. Pari says I can’t shove her to death

. I can’t lose Neeti. Don’t tell her anything. He says how are we different then? I did the same. I feared losing Neeti and hid everything from her. Keeping her in dark to save your relationship with her? NOw you’re doing the same. How are we different?

Neeti says it was Pari and Sanju for sure. But where are they? And why would they fight? They barely know each other Neeti looks around for them. Pari says you’re asking me how are we different. I am hiding the truth to save lives and people.

I am doing this to get Neeti right. You did it for your own selfish motives. I fought for Neeti to get rights in your house. This is how we are different. I’ve spoken to everyone. They have all agreed to accept Neeti. Your last problem is solved too. He says you are lying right? She says no go and ask anyone. Everyone has agreed.

Neeti comes to a couple. She thinks it’s Sanju. She says sorry I thought you were my husband. Neeti wonders where has Rajiv gone. Rajiv says you’re lying right? She says why would I lie and joke? I am not a liar like you. Ask anyone if your family. Rajiv says Pari thank you so much. You have done such a huge favor for me.

She says I did it for my friend and her child, not you. He says I am thankful. I am so happy. I don’t want you to hate me when I start my new life. She says I am doing all this for Neeti. I don’t want you to tell her the truth. She’s very happy, I don’t want to see her upset. Rajiv holds her and says you did it for the friend who is your husband’s wife now? Rajiv says please forgive me. She says leave me.

She shoves him and he falls. Neeti comes there. Neeti says Sanju? Are you okay? He says yes I am fine. Neeti says what was happening? Neeti says he fell. Rajiv says I slipped. Neeti says but what are you both doing here?

She says you both were fighting. What was it about? Rajiv says the doctor told me your reports aren’t okay. I wanted to tell you but Pari was tiring to stop me because it could stress you. Neeti says see how much she cares about me. She loves me a lot. She tells me everything otherwise. Pari says let’s go back to the room.


Parineetii 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti asks Rajiv to fill her hairline. She says I don’t have sindur. Pari gives him sindur. He fills Neeti’s hairline. Pari looks away. Tai Ji says to Pari Neeti might have planned this child to take your place in this house.


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