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Parineetii 3rd August 2022 Naman teases Sanju and Neeti. Natasha stops him. Pari calls Neeti. She says where is Sanju? Neeti says he was in the room. I was with him too. Pari says but he’s outside. I am going after him. He is looking for someone and he changed his clothes too. He’s going behind the hall.

Neeti says let me check him in the room. Rajiv waits for Ajay. Ajay comes outside his window. Pari sees him. Rajiv throws a rope and Ajay sneaks up. He says I have never done all this even for a girl. Pari can’t see Rajiv.

She wonders what’s going on. Neeti comes outside the room. Neeti comes in. Rajiv drops Ajay. Neeti asks what were you doing? She sees the guy running. Neeti says who was that man? Rajiv says are you doubting me? She says no. He leaves.

Pari calls Neeti. She says Sanju fell and then he ran. Neeti says you have some confusion. Sanju is here with me. Come inside. Pari wonders if she saw Sanju. Neeti says to Pari that he was in the same room wearing the same cloth.

Pari says but I saw him myself in other clothes. Neeti says because of Rajiv you’re doubting all men. I doubted Sanju too. Did you speak to Rajiv? She says yes. He’s with his friend. Natasha’s mom gives Pari a juice. Pari sees Shreya.

She is confused. Pari goes after her. Rajiv gets Ajay the same suit too. He says I will be with Shreya here. I will wear this mask. Don’t worry I will handle everything. Neeti comes in. She says Sanju come with me. She says to Ajay Sanju sorry I doubted you. I am sorry. She hugs him. Neeti says I am sorry. He says it’s okay. Neeti says thank you Sanju.

Pari says is Sanju is still with Shreya? Did he call her here? She goes into the room. Pari sees inside. Ajay says I love you. Pari hears him talking. She says I will catch them red-handed. Pari comes in. She says to Ajay you were with Ajay here. You’re fooling Neeti. You’re cheating on Neeti with Shreya. Where is Shreya?

Shreya comes in. Pari says have some shame. How can you ruin Neeti’s life? I know it right? Shreya says please listen. Ajay says yes I said I love you. He says I was talking to Neeti on the call. He says see my logs. Pari says why was Shreya here? Shreya says I was using the restroom. Ajay says I love Neeti. I can never fool her. Pari says sorry. She leaves. Shreya says Sanju will get us killed. Ask him to end all this. Ajay says we are trapped because of him.

Scene 2
Monty is with his girlfriend. He says you look pretty. She says you look smart too. She says let’s go in. Monty says really? She gets a call. She goes to a side. Rajiv calls monty again. He says come to sangeet, please.

Monty says I am on a date. Rajiv says please. Monty says I am on the highway. Take Pari from here. He says get rid of this mess. Monty says okay I am coming. The girl says let’s go to the room. He says sure. Rajiv waits for Monty. He drinks in stress. He says please help me get rid of Pari God.

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