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Parineetii 4th August 2022 Rajiv is drunk, Pari comes downstairs. Natasha stops her. She says let’s have drinks. Pari says I don’t drink. Natasha is drunk. She says what Pari Ji this isn’t fair. She says a bit.. Pari says no no. Natasha says for my sangeet, please..

Natasha makes her drink. Pari says what did you do.. Natasha says have fun. pari says I don’t drink. She gets dizzy. Pari says I don’t drink. Natasha says enjoy and have fun. Call your husband too. Pari starts crying. Pari thinks about Rajiv and smiles.

Rajveer keeps drinking. Pari sees him. She says Rajiv.. She says I am imagining him. Rajiv says what do I do. Neeti says Pari are you drunk? You drank.. Pari says Natasha forced it. Natasha says it’s okay. Pari says I miss Rajiv a lot. I see him everywhere.

He is there. Neeti looks at Rajiv. Neeti says it’s just Sanju. Rajiv isn’t here. Neeti says Sanju has gone too now. Pari says he’s gone as well or are we drunk? We love our husbands a lot. Let me find Rajiv.

Pari looks for Rajiv. He hides. Neeti comes after Pari. Natahsa stops Neeti. Pari keeps looking for Rajiv. He hides everywhere. Pari says you playing hide and seek? Pari sees Rajiv. Natasha’s mom comes. Pari says he was here. I saw him myself. I am not drunk. Neeti takes her to the room.

Scene 2
Monty says to the girl I got the room. She says order noodles for me. He takes the card. He collides with Natasha’s mom and their keys exchange. He’s in the same hotel. Monty says this room is so comfy. He orders food.

Sherya says to Ajay why are we doing all this? What is this drama? He says I can’t let Rajiv be in this trouble. He tells her everything. How Sanju called him. He said you have to come to this sangeet. Rajiv told Ajay everything. Rajiv said to Ajay they haven’t seen Sanju or Rajiv. Rajiv panicked.

He said I married Pari because my mom pressurized me because she wated her dad’s land. She got the land and I got freedom from her and then I married Neeti here. I love her the most. Ajay said I know you love her. Rajiv says you have to act like Sanju. They are best friends.s Rajiv said I can’t lose Neeti. I love her. Ajay asked what about Pari? Shreya says what? What is this story? He just got married. Ajay says this is why I wasn’t telling you.

Naman asks Rajiv you look worried. He says I am happy. There are ups and downs. Neeti comes. Naman leaves. Neeti holds Rajiv’s hand. He says let me go. Neeti says I would never. He says for what? Doubt me? I didn’t like it. I thought you are not a typical wife. She says I am sorry so much is going on in Pari’s life.

He says I have nothing to do with that. She says what do you want me to do? He says you can’t do it. Neeti kisses him. Pari sees Ajay and says what is Sanju doing in a black suit now? I am sure he’s cheating on Neeti.

Rajiv holds Neeti. He says kiss me again. Neeti says everyone is seeing. He says it’s okay. No one knows us here. Pari sees Rajiv’s back only. Rajiv says I love your name. Neeti makes him wear mask. Sanju hugs her. He sees Pari.

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