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Parineetii 5th September 2022 Pari says everything is over. This house, its people everyone started loving me. Rajiv has ended everything. She cries and says there’s no place for me in Rajiv’s life. Why am I here? If I didn’t worry about my mom I would go back today. If I go there what if I lose my mom too? I can’t lose her.

She cries. I can’t even tell Neeti, she’s not well either. I can’t lose her. What was my fault? I have no one to share my pain with. I suffocate here. I can’t share my pain with anyone. Simi comes in and says what are this broken glasses? She says sorry this mirror broke by mistake. Simi says so you will keep sitting here?

Biji is here, come before she scolds you. Pari says I am coming. Simi says I don’t care what you do. Chandrika comes in. She asks Pari are you okay? Pari says this mirror broke. It cut my foot. Chandrika says tell me what happened? Let’s meet Biji, after that you will tell me everything. Don’t cry.

Monty brings Biji. Parminder opens the door. She says you have made my son so weak, you don’t give him anything to eat. Monty picks her things. She says where are you running? Are these the manners your mom has taught you? Parminder asks him to take the luggage inside. Biji asks where are your sons and DILs?

Amit and Chandrika come. She says did you all forget I eat halwa when I come home? Parminder says halwa actually. Pari says it’s ready. She touches her feet and brings the halwa. Parminder says she’s Rajiv’s wife. Biji says where is Rajiv then? Call him. They all ask Pari where is Rajiv? Pari is silent. Biji says is she a doll that she can’t speak?

Rajiv comes in and says yes she’s your hero’s Biji. He comes in and touches her feet. He dances around with her. Biji laughs and hugs him. He says we were missing you a lot. You’re so young. She laughs. Biji says take blessings with your wife. You’re a new couple. Rajiv says Pari couldn’t you wait?

Biji says couldn’t you come on time? Where were you? With your girlfriend? She laughs. Pari is silent. He says I know you trust me Biji. I ended the office early. She asks Rajiv to make Pari eat their halwa. Rajiv makes Pari eat hawla. Monty asks Pari what happened to her foot. Rajiv asks what happened.

Parminder asks Rajiv to call the doctor. She says the mirror broke and it injured my foot. Biji asks Rajiv to serve his wife. Rajiv wonders why is Pari so mad at him. Pari coughs after eating halwa. Rajiv makes her drink water. Biji says I am so happy you both love and care for each other.

Scene 2
Neeti says Shreya Sanju behaves weirdly. He was here caring so much and then he had to rush. why can’t he tell his family now? Is this an extramarital affair or something? Shreya is confused. She says can’t he take a stand for me? I will discuss this with Pari and then talk to Sanju. Why are you silent? Did Sanju tell you anything? Shreya says don’t take the stress. You should focus on your health. Neeti says I will discuss this with Sanju soon.

Biji says your daughter is on phone. She can’t come to meet her dadii? She is talking like she’s talking to her boyfriend? Ask her to get married so we get rid of the burden. Simi says this is my house and I am not a burden. It’s my life and my decision, I will do what I want. Tao Ji asks her to say sorry.

She says why will I? She’s so wrong. How can she taunt me like this? BIji says you’re in-laws will kick you out. Parminder asks Simi to leave. Simi leaves. Biji asks Pari why do you look sad? Don’t you love Rajiv?

Rajiv says we won the best couple award. Chandrika says her friend isn’t well. She met an accident. Biji says these two will get married in front of my eyes as well. Pari recalls Rajiv marrying Neeti. She says I won’t marry Rajiv again.

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