Parineetii 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 6th July 2022 Rajiv hits the goon and says where is the kid? He says we have a child trafficking gang. We missed our target. We found this girl then. But her dad started chasing us. Rajiv asks Monty to call the police.

He runs, and Rajiv runs after him. Pari sees Mishika. She comes to her. Pari asks what happened? Were you hiding? Are you playing hide and seek? I loved playing it too. Pari says do you wanna eat something?

She says yes. Pari says let me get you something to eat. Mishika says aunty please stay with me. Pari takes her with herself.

Fateh helps Rajiv catch the girl. He asks Rajiv what happened? Rajiv says they kidnapped my niece. But she’s here so she’s safe. Fateh asks how is your wife Pari? Rajiv says she’s fine.

Pari makes Mishika eat the cake. The woman asks around for her. Mishika sees her. Pari goes to her water for Mishika. Pari sees the woman. She recalls this woman had been looking for her. Pari says that girl was with me. SHe was there. The woman says she’s not there. Pari sees Mishika hidden.

The woman looks around for her. Pari says that kid is hiding from her. Why? Simi waits outside. Chandrika calls Simi and says I thought someone kidnapped you too. I will have to tell Tai Ji the truth. I thought you all will find her. Simi says don’t tell her. We will find her. Chandrika says how do I tell Tai Ji Mishika is kidnapped? Her husband hears. He asks what happened? She tells him everything.

She says I thought you would tell Tai Ji but we’ve to tell her now. He says you know everyone hates her here. She will get angry. She says she is a child. Amit says because of that we had such a bad time. Chandrika says she’s a child. We can’t let her be harmed. This is wrong and inhumane.

Simi calls Balwinder but he’s tied and his mouth is taped. Vikram is also tied with him. Simi says where are they? Vikram takes off the tape from Balwinder’s mouth. Balwinder met Vikram. They were looking for Mishika. The woman fainted and locked them in that room. Balwinder says they locked us here. They open each other’s hands. They come out. Balwinder says I won’t leave them.

Scene 2
The kidnapper is tied in a room. Mishika is scared. She tells a woman please save me. A woman is trying to kidnap me. The woman takes her with herself. The kidnapper gets a call from her master and says find that girl or I will kill you. Pari looks for Mishika. Shreya cleans Neeti’s face and helps her get ready.

Shreya says where is Sanju. She says if I hold your hand in mandap just come here. The woman brings Mishika there. Neeti says who is this kid? Mishika says I love your dress. Neeti gives her bangles to her.

Mishika says can I call my chachu? Rajiv looks at them. Mishika says do you know my chachu’s number? There are some people who are after me. Neeti asks who? The woman says I think someone scared her.

Don’t worry she must be scared. Rajiv sees Mishika. He says who is this woman? He goes in. He says I can’t go in. Pari sees Rajiv. Pari says Rajiv? A girl tells Pari Sukhwinder is calling her. The woman takes Mishika with her. Pari says I was imagining Rajiv.


Parineetii 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv says to Monty Neeti wanted the best wedding and what am I doing? Made someone else sit in my place? Shreya says to her friend will you let your girlfriend marry someone else? We have to tell Neeti it’s Ajay behind Sehra, not Sanju. Pari hears it.


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