Parineetii 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 6th September 2022 Biji says you both have to get married. Tao ji says we will all love it. Chandrika wonders why is Pari so upset. Chandrika says I will make Pari a bride myself. Biji says you will mess it up like everything.

She asks Amit couldn’t you find any girl in Punjab that you found a girl in Bengal? Amit says actually. Biji says what? Now make her a bit of Punjabi. Chandrika says he can’t take a stand for me ever. She says teach her to make a saag. Pari says in her heart I can’t do it after knowing everything. Bell rings.

Amit opens, it’s Harman and Mandeep. Amit welcomes them. Pari wonders what are they doing there. She says how will I tell the truth now. Parminder introduces them to Biji. Biji says we were planning to get Rajiv and Pari married again.

Harman says let’s ask the girl if she likes the guy. They all laugh. Parminder asks do you like Rajiv will you marry him again? They all giggle. Pari is silent. Biji says it’s a yes of course. They’re already married. Pari nods.

Scene 2
Pari comes to the room. She says I can’t make a joke of marriage that Rajiv has played. I won’t marry Rajiv again. I can’t take Neeti’s happiness after knowing the truth. Rajiv comes to the room. He asks what happened. He says sorry. I won’t do it again. She says there won’t be another time again. Rajiv says listen there are fights in every couple but tell me what’s the problem. She says I know everything. I saw you.. He says where?

Everyone prepares for things. Chandrika says I will border saree to dance. Biji sasys you can’t dance like Punjabis. Biji says to Monty you will dance with me. He says I need some rest. Bell rings. Harman says we got a gift for you Parminder. Vicky calls Harman. He says what happened? Don’t worry. Mandeep says you can give them whatever you want but I won’t give anything. He says I will give shagun to my Pari.

Rajiv asks Pari what did you see? She walks out. Rajiv holds her hand. She says leave my hand. His phone rings. She says pick your call. It must be your boss. He will fire you. Or has he already fired you? Don’t you have an office on Sunday today?

He asks what’s the problem. She says if I tell you the problem there will be a huge mess. He says do you have a problem with me or marrying again? She says yes I’ve a problem with marrying you again. Chandrika comes in. She says everyone is calling you both to cut the cake. Rajiv says we’re coming. Pari goes with her.

Scene 3
Neeti calls Sanju. She says it’s hurting me a lot. Please come. The nurses giggle. He says don’t joke. He says I am very stressed. Please don’t joke. She says you care about work more than your sick wife? He says no no I will leave everything if you say I love you right now. Neeti says right now? He says yes say I love you. Neeti says I love you. Rajiv sas I love you too neeti. I am coming. Pari hears ti. She comes downstairs. Rajiv says why is Pari showing me attitude. I don’t wanna marry her anyway. Neither did I want the first time.

Gurwinder comes in. Rajiv is worried to see him. They all meet her. She meets Parminder. She says at least greet me nicely. Parminder asks Rajiv to meet her. She says what magic has Pari done? You don’t even call me.

He says I am busy with work. Rajiv wonders how will he say no to the wedding. Pari says in heart just say no Rajiv. Everyone says let’s cut the cake. Biji says it’s such a good time. Pari says with all my trust broken. Rajiv holds Pari’s hand to cut the cake. Pari says carefully it’s hurting. They cut the cake.


Parineetii 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari tells Chandrika everything. She says I can’t marry a man who never considered me his wife. Rajiv hears it. He drags her downstairs. Pari throws water in agni (fire).


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