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Parineetii 7th July 2022 Rajiv asks Ajay if Neeti is with him. He looks around and calls Neeti. Neeti says you’re on speaker. Shreya is here too. He says an uncle was saying his daughter is missing. She was wearing a white dress.

She likes bridal dresses he told me. Neeti says she came here. Rajiv says to keep her with you a dancer will come to pick her up. She says she came with your friend Soni and left with her. Rajiv says who is this Soni? Is she with that kidnapper? He looks around for Mishika. He’s worried for her.

Monty comes. Rajiv tells him everything. He says Mishika had so much trust and hopes for me. I couldn’t take care of her. Monty says it’s okay. Mistakes happen. Rajiv says what about Neeti? I love her. She wanted to make this wedding memorable and I left her with Ajay. What am I doing?

I created all this. Everyone is suffering because of me. Pari, Neeti, Mishika. I am such a liar. I broke everyone’s trust. I might lie to you too. Monty says don’t say that. He says I did all this to be happy. Am I happy now? I lie all the time to everyone. Monty says please control yourself. He says my first wedding was based on a lie and this too.

Why am I like this? My head hurts. I am very selfish. I don’t care about anyone’s happiness. Monty says we’ve to look for Mishika. We don’t have time for this. Rajiv says I can’t do this. Monty says we have to find Mishika. If Pari finds out the truth but that you left mandap to save Mishika at least she will feel you have a heart. Rajiv says you’re right. Let’s go. Monty says in his heart he cares about what Pari thinks. They leave.

Scene 2
The wedding starts. The old woman says to Sukhwinder don’t worry. Sukhwinder says I am very scared. She prays for Neeti. Shreya brings Neeti. Neeti sits next to Ajay. Shreya is worried. Rajiv comes there as the dancer.

He looks at Neeti. Pandit Ji starts the wedding. Rajiv cries. Harphoul and Mohini come there. They say it’s a wedding. We have to find the mechanic. Mohini says did you see that woman with the kid? Harphoul says we’ve to find a mechanic. He says let’s ask the dancer. Mishika says I want to go to Pari aunty.

Pari says leave her. She runs after her. Soni runs. She collides with Harphoul. Harphoul says who are you? Mohini says what were you doing with that girl? Soni runs. Pari says thank you for saving her. You both are such a good couple. You both coordinated and saved her. Harphoul asks her if there’s any mechanic. Mishika sees Balwinder and says that’s my dad. Harphoul says we need a mechanic.

Pari tells them the way. They go. Pari thanks God Mishika is safe. Balwinder drinks. Mishika runs after him. He says now I am seeing her here too? Someone take her away from me. I don’t wanna see her face. Mishika stands alone. Soni comes back to her. Mishika says why did you make me fall? She says I sipped. Forgive me. She hugs her and says come with me.

Rajiv says we’ve to inform the police now. I can’t let anything happen to Mishika. He looks around and collides with Pari. Pari sees him and says what are you doing here in the dancer’s costume? Are you hiding something? Vicky asks Simi what are you doing here? She says why were you not picking up my call?

He says they tie us in the closet. She says these people are dangerous. He says Mishika has so many people. Nothing will happen to her. But I am sure something is wrong with Rajiv. Monty says he wanted to surprise you with a dance performance since it’s your first event. Rajiv says he’s right. Pari says thank you so much.

Pari says I am worried for that girl. Rajiv says which girl? Pari says she’s with her dad. That kid in a white uniform. She leaves. Rajiv says how will I dance in front of Neeti?

Scene 3
Shreya is worried. She says what do I do now. Sanju isn’t back. Neeti doesn’t even know she’s sitting with Ajay. Shreya takes her friend to the other room and says would you be okay if your girlfriend was marrying someone else? Where is Sanju? He didn’t tell anyone. We could tell the police. Neeti should know she’s getting married to Ajay, not Sanju. Pari hears it. She’s shocked.

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