Parineetii 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 7th September 2022 Tao ji makes Biji eat the cake first instead of Parminder. She says I am stupid to expect anything from him. Chandrika asks Rajiv to make Pari eat. Pari stops his hand. Rajiv says stop insulting me in front of everyone.

I won’t tolerate it. She leaves. Everyone says let’s prepare for the sangeet. Biji says let’s go and prepare. Pari cries inside. Pari says what will I do? I can’t marry Rajiv. He’s Neeti’s husband. Chandrika asks Pari what happened. Pari hugs her and cries. Chandrika says do you trust me? Tell me what happened.

Pari thinks about Rajiv and Neeti. Pari says I can’t marry Rajiv. Chandrika says what are you saying? He loves you a lot. He cares for you a lot. He speaks about you as his wife all the time. Pari says in her heart he talks about Neeti. Pari says I can’t marry him. I am tired.

Parminder comes there. Pari wipes her tears. Chandrika says I was… Parminder says let me talk to her. She asks Chandrika to leave. Parminder asks Pari what happened. Pari says I was in the hospital. I am very tired. I can’t handle the wedding. Can we please have your anniversary only?

Parminder says sit, a girl’s life is all about work. Keeping everyone happy. I did that all. The work never ends and even people’s taunts never end. I had no one to speak with. MILs back then didn’t treat DILs like daughters. And then kids are born, your Tao Ji he never understood me. Rajiv does the same?

They don’t see their wives tired and struggling. But after years I realized, that honesty is what you value the most. He has never cheated on me. A woman can’t tolerate sharing her husband with anyone.

If you think Rajiv has done anything that can be forgiven, forgive him. But if his mistake is unforgivable then it’s better to take a stand for yourself. Leave such a person and start a new life. She caresses her face. And says let’s go. Get ready. Parminder leaves. Rajiv hears it.

Scene 2
Biji dances with Monty. He says you’re doing wrong. She says now I remember the steps. She says kids these days aren’t happy to see their grandparents. Play the music. She dances and falls. Monty says Biji get up. He picks her. She screams in pain.

Pari thinks how did she forget about Neeti because of Rajiv? It’s not her fault. She doesn’t even know. She calls Neeti. Pari asks how are you? Neeti says why have you called me? You don’t care about me. I am alive. You stay happy with your husband and family. Pari says I am sorry. Are you okay?

Neeti says tell me what’s the truth? Is it related to me? What’s bothering you? Pari says in heart how do I tell you what’s between us? We’ve both been fooled. She says Sanju comes and then he leaves.

I can’t call mummy as well. I am alone here. What’s Sanju’s problme? Why can’t he tell his family about us? Monty comes and says Biji fell. Pari rushes. Neeti says you ignore me too now. She hangs up. Pari says Neeti should get her right. Why should I come between Neeti and Sanju? I should go. I am not needed here.

Parminder touches Biji’s foot. she screams. Pari comes. Biji says he taught me such difficult steps and I fell. Monty says you asked me to tell you the steps. Pari says let me get the spray. Chandrika says Biji stay calm.

She says your voice is making my head hurt. She says your DIL is so annoying Parminder you can’t do anything right. Pari brings oil and applies it on her foot. Biji says she’s the best DIL, he’s my best daughter. Parminder says you never called me your daughter.

Scene 3
Rajiv gets ready. He tells Monty Pari is acting so weird. She’s saying she doesn’t wanna get married. I didn’t talk to her on call. Monty says she won’t’ do anything in front of the family. she just massaged Biji’s feet. She fell. You shouldn’t care about Pari’s mood. Rajiv says yes I don’t care.

Chandrika gets Pari ready. Pari says I don’t want to wear anything. She says let me apply Kala teeka to keep the evil eye off the bride.

Pari says the evil eye already caught this marriage, it’s Rajiv’s own evil eye. Chandrika asks what happened. What has Rajiv done? Pari hugs her and cries. Chandrika asks her what happened? he says tell me please. Pari says you can’t imagine what Rajiv has done to me. He.. Rajiv comes in.


Parineetii 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari tells Chandrika everything. She says I can’t marry a man who never considered me his wife. Rajiv hears it. He drags her downstairs. Pari throws water in agni (fire) and says today I will reveal your true face today.


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