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Parineetii 9th September 2022 Rajiv says if you cared about this family you won’t be doing this drama. You’re doing a mistake. Pari says don’t shout. The truth won’t change by shouting. You can’t hide your truth anymore.

Today everyone will know your truth. He says to come into the room and resolve the problem. He drags her. Pari shoves him and says leave my hand. Everyone will hear and know the truth today. Did you marry me in front of everyone right? I said not to marry you in front of everyone.

They are all related to our marriage. Everything will be discussed in front of everyone. Rajiv says enough. You will stay silent now. Pari says I have stayed silent enough but not anymore. I won’t stay silent. I trusted you with all my heart. I kept lying to myself. Marriage is based on trust, once trust is broken marriage is broken as well.

Gurwinder says enough. What are you doing, you have ruined our family name. I thought you were a nice girl. You are so wrong. Paari says you’re blaming me without asking why am I doing this? Rajiv says don’t talk to my mom like this or I will throw all this wedding stuff out. Pari says do it, our marriage is a lie anyway. No matter what od you, I won’t stay silent today.

Parminder says enough Pari. We have all given you so much love and respect. I did this function because of you, your Tao Ji agreed because you asked only. You’re doing this to us? Pari says no, I said no to marrying him first but he made me the culprit and brought me here. This wedding, marriage everything is a drama. Ask him, tell everyone the truth Rajiv. Parminder says what is she saying Rajiv?

Pari says say the truth. Tao Ji says is it related to the office only right? Parminder says answer her Rajiv. Pari says to tell everyone the truth. What our marriage means to you? Have you ever loved me? He says have some shame. There are elders here. She says you should be ashamed, you’re wrong.

I have done nothing. I have lost everything, I am not scared. Gurwinder says everyone will know I got Pari and Rajiv married for her land. Pari says your truth will be out. Tao Ji says enough Pari. I don’t want more drama in my house. I told everyone that I loved you more than my daughter Simi. You have ruined our respect in front of everyone. Pari says in his heart I have to tell everyone the truth.

Pari says I am not wrong. I will tell you why I don’t wanna marry Rajiv again because he made a joke out of a relationship like marriage. He fooled us all. Rajiv is a cheater. He fooled me, and my family, he took everything from me. Gurwinder says what are you saying? Pari says I am saying the truth with all the proofs. Now I know why he left me at my home after pagpheray.

He wanted me to stay there and serve you while he can have fun here. Simi says this is the problem with small-town girls. They have a small mentality. You deserve to be in Barnala. Pari says I deserve trust and love. If you were in my place you would have sent your husband to jail. Gurwinder says why would he marry you?

Pari says you know very well what Rajiv married me for. I don’t wanna say all that. He married me to save your respect. You brought his proposal he wasn’t even willing for it. He left me at my place. Why didn’t you ask him what was in his heart? Who did he want to marry?

Rajiv says in his heart this means she found out about Neeti. She will ruin my name. He asks all the guests to leave and apologizes to her. He says I’ve to handle her somehow. Rajiv says she’s lying Tao Ji. I can never do anything wrong. She has no proof. Pari says I have the proof. Don’t you have to go to your boss today?

Tell everyone which boss did you go to give a pen drive to in the morning? Or there was no Pendrive and you lied every time? Some day your friend had a breakup, someday you had a US client meeting, someday you had a meeting with the boss. It was all a lie, you know exactly where you were. Rajiv shoves her and says mummy Ji she’s lying. You forced me to marry her that’s innocent and respectful. See what she is saying.

Pari says I was respectful that’s why I was silent till now. I had other ways too, but not now. Everyone will know the truth now. The truth is that you have two names, two marriages. That you have two wives. Everyone is shocked. Pari says yes. you heard right. He married me as Rajiv and then he got married again as Sanju. Rajiv is shocked. Pari says he has two names, two faces, and two wives.

Gurwinder says everyone has two names, a family name, and an official ID name. Pari says he has two wives, didn’t you hear that? Cheating using your two names is wrong. Fooling two women and living two lives is wrong. That’s what Rajiv has done. Everyone is shocked. Simi says wow we didn’t find one and he’s found two.

Pari asks Gurwinder what was your benefit that you forced him to marry me when he didn’t want to? Gurwinder says you’re accusing me? I got you married to him because your dad was ashamed, two guys left you. I did this favor for you. Pari says you had a reason, you had a benefit. Why did you choose me? Rajiv must have some benefit too that’s why he said yes. Parminder says Pari is right, why would you get your son married to her son?

Scene 2
Neeti says Sanju isn’t even calling me. I am alone here in the hospital and he has no time for me. It’s my right to live with him in hs house. Neeti calls Rajiv. Gurwinder says it’s all wrong. Pari says don’t cut the call Rajiv. Pari takes the phone and says whose call is it? Rajiv’s boss. Simi says what do you mean?

Pari says his boss is his second wife. Now listen to her. She picks up the call and puts it on speaker. Neeti says hello Sanju.. What kind of husband are you? Everyone is shocked. Neeti says your wife is dying here and you have no time to even see her? Everyone is shocked.

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