Patiala Babes 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 11th October 2019 Episode Start With Babita tells HS that good Irfan came home and realized his mistake, now NB is happy to spend sometime with her grandson as she loves him a lot. HS says his friends want a party from him as h didn’t invite them for wedding, so he wants her permission. Babita says he can invite them. He says it will be hectic for her to handle so many guests, so he will call them in 6-7 person batch. She says he can call them at once, but she will serve Navratri food. He says whatever she prepares tastes like amrith. Mickey reminds Minnie its her birthday tomorrow and they can party.

Minnie says they can party after exams and excitedly describes how Babita used to act as forgetting her birthday and surprise her each birthday. Biji says even they used to act with Babita and surprise Minnie. Minnie says when she was a kid, she used to fight with Babita when she acted, but used to get very happy, she is very excited for this year’s Babita’s surprise.

Babita while cutting vegetables feels she forgot something. NB asks what she forgot. Babita says she doesn’t know, but she definitely forgot something important. NB says she is stressed after all the recent wedding and other events and should go and rest. Babita says she is fine. NB says she should concentrate on her catering business also. Babita says she has a lot of work at home and tonight HS’ friends are coming for dinner party, NB and Kammo can manage cooking while Minnie can manage clients, she will get them new recipe if need be and just wants to enjoy her marital phase. NB says she is totally engrasped in her married life. Babita says like NB suggested she grabbed happiness with her open hands and is enjoying the feeling of getting engrasped in someone’s life, she is totally enjoying HS’ love and attention towards her, etc. NB silently hears her smilingly.

Khatri in his office checks account and gets confused. Kammo walks in holding her back and asks him to massage her back. Khatri asks her not to disturb while calculating expenses. Kammo says he hasn’t earned since 3 months and house is running on her salary. Khatri changes his tone and pampers her. Kammo says Babita has made her a servant and making her work hard while she is enjoying whole profit alone, she is still busy enjoying her honeymoon with HS. Khatri suggests why don’t she buy Babita’s business and enjoy whole profit alone. Kammo says Minnie takes care of all finances and manages clients, she doesn’t let even a single paisa slip away. Khatri says then one should create a rift between Babita and Minnie and separate them. Kammo asks how will he. He says not him, someone else will.

HS returns home and asks Babita if she prepared feast. Babita says she is having severe headache and couldn’t prepare food, she is even stressed with Minnie’s behavior, so maybe he is having headache because of that. HS says when she has her own catering service, why she is worrying. He hugs her and asks her not to worry. He gives food order. NB prepares food with colleagues and when Kammo returns scolds her to start working soon as they need to deliver a new order in 2 hours.

Kammo murmurs yelling at Babita and asks if they can get a share in profit. NB scolds her and gives long list of dishes to be prepared. Minnie returning from college with Mickey and Preet asks who is this new client without her notice as she manages all clients. NB says HS gave this order as he has arranged party at home. Minnie gets excited thinking Babita and HS have planned for her surprise birthday party and tells Mickey and Minnie that Babes will forgive them and will invite even them for birthday party. She reaches home and asks HS where is Babes. HS says she is having severe headache and is resting. Minnie walks to her room and excitedly thinks Babes is going overboard for her birthday and making her feel embarrassed.


Patiala Babes 14th October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Babita panics remembering that she forgot Minnie’s birthday. Laala asks how can she forget her daughter’s birthday.


  1. I am from abroad and sadly I see to many stories of incidents such as this. Usually the mother in a druggie or an alcoholic. That is when they think of the child from their first marriage as a third wheel. and choose to not deal with him/her. Sadly what the hell is Babita doing? and Hanuman is going along with her. Stop this nonsense.


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