Patiala Babes 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Patiala Babes Written Updates

Patiala Babes 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 11th September 2019 Episode Start With Babita and HS’ prewedding rituals continue when Khatri walks in inebriated and starts drama. Kammo tries to control him, but he continues and asks Babita to get Minnie married along with her wedding as daughter will be a hindrance between her and HS’ romance after marriage. Kammo tries to stop him again, but he continues that he is telling truth and he has 3-4 alliance ready for Minnie and after her marriage, they can romance openly.

Minnie confronts him that he doesn’t have worry for her as her Babes and HS are there to think of her betterment. Babita asks Minnie who gave invitation to cheap Khatri and why did they let him in to spoil their happiness. Kammo gets offended and says she got invitation, but by mistake they wrote Mr and Mrs Khatri; though Khatri is bitter tongued,he is her husband and she cannot see him being insulted; she is tired of HS, Babita, and Minnie insulting Khatri repeatedly.

Minnie asks if she did not hear that Khatri told. Kammo says Khatri told truth and anyone also would say what Khatri told. NB warns to shut her mouth. Kammo continues that she cannot stop her from revealing truth, Minnie will be Ashok’s daughter forever and after marriage, she will be a hindrance in Babita’s life. NB asks if she doesn’t see how much HS loves Minnie. Kammo says to reach Babita, he has to act and its simple, she will see till when he will tolerate Minnie. She walks away holding Khatri’s hand while Khatri smirks following her.

Minnie gets hurt a lot and tells Mickey that people are senseless and filthy minded and she shouldn’t have let them in. She asks Mickey to go home now as her Babes is hurt and she needs to attend her. Mickey asks if she is not hurt. Minnie says she doesn’t bother about people’s garbage tongue. NB calls Minnie saying her HS uncle is calling her. Minnie asks Mickey to go now and walks up where Babita asks not to bother about Kammo’s words. NB says Kammo is supporting Khatri as a wife, else Khatri will kick her out of his house. HS says Minnie will be his favorite than Babita always.

Babita says if Minnie wants, she will cancel this wedding. Minnie asks if she has gone made, she worked so hard for this wedding and would never want it canceled. Babita and HS smile. Minnie does down and sees Mickey still there, asks if he did not go home yet. Mickey reminds that they all will sleep in her house till wedding finishes and says she forgot one important thing. Preet brings Minnie’s camera and tripod and says she forgot to take pics. Minnie rejoices.

In the morning, Babita does tulsi pooja and seeing HS walking to her asks why he is looking nervous. He says he is nervous regarding his wedding. She says he already married once, so he shouldn’t be nervous. HS says he is marrying second time for the first time. She laughs hearing that. He says they both are marrying first time, so he is nervous. She asks what can she do to ward off his nervousness. He asks to get him some tea.


Patiala Babes 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Minnie dances on Banno Rani tumhe sayani…song.. during Babita and HS’ haldi ceremony.



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