Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Patiala Babes Written Updates

Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Babita tells Minnie that HS realized his mistake and if he hurts her feelings, he will lose her; he is not like Ashok, he forgo his self-esteem and apologized, she is sure now that HS loves her truly. In police station, HS reminisces Babita’s words. Laala walks in and asks why is he still sitting here instead of going home as he had taken half day leave; if Babita liked his gifted earrings, still veil and flowers are remaining. HS says he may not give other 2 gifts and he feels his his self-esteem died. Laala asks him to explain in detail.

HS asks if he thinks Babita is very simple and easily understandable, but this is not true, she has so much ego in herself that she can bet her love, so he sacrificed his ego to satisfy her ego as he learnt to sacrifice in love; he realized that in the future, he has to handle this relationship as Babita will everything if ego comes in between; he thinks she could not vent out the frustration she developed over years and vented it out on her. Laala says how can that be. HS says he realized that he has to become Neelkanth and consume poison to perform daughter’s mother’s samudramanthan; he feels how will he live if he holds so much poison in his throat. He walks away while Laala stands thinking.

Minnie reminisces both HS and Babita’s words and writes her diary; Dear diary, her Babes is her best friend and she shared everything with her till now, but to be honored, she is confused, so she is writing it on diary; she felt HS will give the love Babes deserves which papaji couldn’t, but if ego comes in between, what if Babes breaks her project/relationship like Poonam aunty told. She frustratedly tears paper and writes again that she is very happy seeing Babita heading into new life and if HS cannot keep her happy, she is with Babes to keep her happy; her Babes is blooming like flower; she, HS, and Babes will live happily ever after as a small and cute family.

NB calls dress seller to buy Babita’s clothes. Dress seller shows many dresses praising their intricate work. NB selects one dress. Minnie selects another and says Babes will look superb in it. She notices Babita’s eyes searching HS, goes to balcony and calls HS. HS trying to start his bike outside house picks call. Minnie asks to look at balcony. HS asks what is she doing here instead of selecting dresses, she should select a beautiful princess dress. Minnie asks him to come and select dresses for her then. He says she can take her mother’s help. She says her mother is sitting sadly and she will not help her. HS says he needs to go to police station soon. Minnie says she knows what happened between them yesterday, he knows Babes acts childish sometimes, she knows HS will forgo it and they both can keep Babes happy. HS says she is really the most gorgeous girl. She asks to come in soon then.

NB tells Minnie that Babita is not selecting anything, don’t know what she wants. Babita blabbers. Minnie says she knows what Babes wants and picks a red dress, signalling HS. HS hits spoon twice signalling it is nice. Babita smiles and says it is good. NB also smiles noticing that. Minnie tries different dresses on Babita and HS hits soon twice for the ones he liked and once the one he doesn’t. Babita selects the one he likes and rejects others.

After sometimes, Khatri hires bajewalas/musicians and plays music in front of Minnie, Preet, and Mickey. Minnie says this band will not work in her Babes’ wedding. Khatri says these are Patiala’s best musicians. Mickey jokes with Khatri and asks Kammo if he doesn’t romance her. Kammo says he has not given him even a rose till now. Minnie expresses what she likes. Khatri says he will arrange it, but expense will increase, can she spend so much. Minnie says its her Babes’ wedding and she needs best. Khatri says he will arrange the best. Minnie continues chatting with Preet.


Patiala Babes 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Khatri taunts Babita that these kind of unique weddings don’t happen in Patiala and congratulates her.


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