Patiala Babes 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Minnie sees Arya sitting outside house staring at cotton candy and says it is also her favorite, they call it also as buddi ke baal, would she like to have it. Arya says NB told one cannot have sweet with a family member’s death, mamma papa are dead and she cannot have it. Minnie says rules are not for kids. Arya says she is grown up and is going to 5 soon. Minnie says she shouldn’t bother. Arya asks what will NB, Biji, Dadaji, Laala, Matarani will say. Minnie asks so what.. Arya says Saroj mami told Minnie always broke rules and disobeyed mamma, so mamma sent her to Australia for studies. Minnie says as she said she likes breaking rules and buys cotton candy for her. Arya says matarani will curse her.

Minnie says she has already made deal with Matarani, she will not punish her until she makes mistakes. Arya asks what about her. Minnie says she can transfer her curse on her and buys her cotton candy. They both enjoy cotton candy while Arya continues questioning Minnie and asks why she used to call mamma as Babes and papa as Hanuman uncle, if she didn’t consider him as father. Minnie says he was her father and they shared an unique bond. Arya asks why she did she go to Australia instead of studying here, mamma used to cry remembering her, didn’t she feel like meeting mamma. Minnie says she used to meet Babes in her dreams as they meet their dear ones in dreams if they are far away.

Next morning, maid Rani wakes up Arya while Arya resists and she warns that she will leave Arya like her parents. Arya gets angry. Maid requests her to get up. Biji walks in and pampering Arya asks her to get up. Arya says if she doesn’t sleep, how will she meet mamma in dream. Biji asks who told her. Arya says Veer Balika told she meets mamma in dreams. Biji says she will speak to Babita over phone. After sometime, Biji tries to feed Arya and Arya runs around. Biji runs behind her, twists her ankle and falls down writhing in pain. Minnie rushes to her and asks her to take care of herself. NB says kids run around, why did she run behind Arya in this age.

Biji says she is closer to Arya after Babita’s death, she is worried for her. Minnie asks her to hire a maid. NB says Rani has 2 children and husband’s family, so she cannot be here for 24 hours. Minnie says why don’t they hire a maid to be with Arya always. Jazz walks to her and informs that Camelia is angry on her and wants her to return soon. Minnie says she will write a mail to Camelia explaining her situation and will ask for a leave to settle things here. Jazz says Minnie is right, but she has to leave as she knows how stubborn English people are. Minnie writes a mail to Camelia explaining that her parents passed away 2 days ago and she needs a week’s leave to settle some legal and personal issues at her home.

Patiala Babes 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arya interviews maid and says she has decided to hire her.


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