Patiala Babes 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Neil sees Minnie reading cookbooks and asks from when she got interested in cooking. Minnie says it is not fair to check someone’s belongings. He asks why did she call him to her cabin. She says she wants to thank him. He says if she wants to thank him for joining her restaurant while he can easily join any five star hotel. Minnie says he can join five star hotel even now. Their argument ensues. She says she wants to thank him to show that one can gain respect by being a bit strict. He says it is universal truth.

Kammo does Mrs. Sandhu’s facial in her beauty parlor and tries to market her waste products boasting about them. Khatri joins her. Sandhu taunts that he couldn’t control 2 girls. Khatri says he is mohalla president and knows how to control Minnie and Arya, Arya will not dare to frighten Monto. Monto comes afraid and says Arya will trash him as Minnie has paid fine already. Sandhu walks away yelling at Khatri and Kammo.

NB brings complaint paper against Arya and Minnie with society members’ signatures and hands it over to Minnie. Neil asks what kind of paper is this. NB explains. Minnie sees Neil’s name in it and asks NB why she is explaining a traitor who himself signed papers. Neil says he doesn’t know anything about it and just signed on his landlord’s order. Minnie shouts how can he be so insensitive and continues insulting him while he repeatedly explains. Finally, he gets more angry and says he cannot let her insult and he came to her to seek advance as he needs to pay 3 months rent. She shouts he is fire. Neil says he doesn’t want to work under an arrogant and insensitive boss and walks away. NB scolds Minnie that Neil is not at fault, she hired him with so much difficulty and for restaurant’s sake she needs him, so she should hire him back. Minnie gets tensed and asks what to do now.

In kitchen, Simpy prepares biryani from India Gate Basmati rice and advertises the brand. Neil walks in fuming. She asks him to taste biryani. He says he is quitting and they don’t have to follow his order anymore. NB walks to him and explains not to be so angry as he needs this job to pay his room rent and even Minnie needs his support. She explains in detail what Minnie is going through and her anger outburst is obvious in this situation. After much conviction, Neil agrees and takes back his chef apron.


Patiala Babes 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Minnie tells Preet that if Neil improves restaurant’s sales in a month, she will keep him or else will fire him.Neil prepares noodles and serves Arya. Arya tells Preet that Neil prepared tasty noodles from bad sauce.


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