Patiala Babes 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Patiala Babes 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Minnie says why I should leave Patiala when I can see my dream come true here. You and Preet will also be here. I can find any course here. It will work out! It is possible. He shakes his head. These are not your dreams! You wanted to fly. What’s stopping you from flying high? Are you worried that Babes will be left behind if you go? Don’t do this. You are in denial. It is about your future. Think about it.

Shammi ji and Nayan Bi come to wake up Khurana Sahab. Her husband complains as she applies kajal in his eyes. Nayan Bi says this will actually make your eyes better. This was from the diya on Dhanteras. Shammi ji says I used to apply it on Minnie and she used to run from me. Her husband continues to argue. She gets sad and turns to go but Nayan Bi stops her. Nayan Bi says old age and childhood are alike. This is shagun. Kajal is to ward off evil eyes! She prepared it for you after waking up early. Pacify your wife. Khurana Sahab says who becomes old when they tease their spouse like this. Shammi ji shakes her head. He reminds her to give Nayan Bi her Diwali gift. Shammi ji gifts her gold chain. Nayan Bi tries to decline politely but they tell her that they wanted to gift it to her as she is their sister after all. Khurana Sahab shares that Shammi ji bought it from her first salary. Nayan Bi accepts the gift and they wish each other Happy Diwali.

Babita, Hanuman and Lala ji are cleaning the house for Diwali. Lala offers to do it but Hanuman tells him that women are the superior ones in the house. Nothing can work in front of them! Babita tells them to clean every corner of the house to keep Lakshmi ji happy. She reaches out for the broom but Hanuman tells her against it. I have told you to hire a maid but you don’t pay heed to my words. She says I do it all on my own. He asks about her business. She replies that she has no interest in business. I like to stay at home. She gives a list to Hanuman. Lala asks for Minnie. Babita says she used to help me every year but she is missing this time. She is a little girl after all. Let her enjoy.

Minnie is at Patiala Babes office. She tells Nayan Bi how Babes wont let anyone escape on Diwali. She used to assign tasks to everyone. Nayan Bi reasons that she should have thought of the shop once too. She should think about cleaning the shop too. Minnie says you had told me once not to push Babes for anything. She will understand one day. Nayan Bi and Minnie hope the day would come soon.

Babita has freshened up. Lala heads home as well. Minnie enters and her clothes are messed up. Babita asks her about her look. Minni tells her that she was cleaning the shop. You said we should clean every corner of our house. Babita calls it a toy but Minnie calls it her responsibility. I am saving it for you only. At one point of time, it was your responsibility and passion too! Babita changes the topic. Minnie hugs her. Babita pushes her aside but Minnie cutely hugs her again. Minnie gets a text about the passport dispatch. Babita asks about the message but Minnie diverts the conversation tacitly.

Kammo scolds Khatri for not cleaning the shop. I have been telling you to hire a servant but you will remain a miser always! Khatri reasons that servants have a union. They have to be given bonuses and salary regularly. We will do it together. She gives the broom to him. Start working. khatri says women aren’t ashamed of making their husbands work these days. They should be called sharampatni instead of dharmapatni now! Kammo asks him if he said something. He denies. She tells him that he will have to spend a lot of amount one day in his attempt to save money all the time. He tells her to stop being so negative. As per my horoscope today, I will be blessed with money. Postman asks for Khatri. There is a money order for him. Postman first takes Rs. 100 tip from him and then signs the postcard. Khatri opens the envelope and finds Rs. 21 inside. He complains to the postman. Kammo teases her husband. Postman asks about Hanuman’s house. There are some important government papers. Khatri is intrigued. Kammo guides the postman. Khatri goes after the postman. I should know what it is! How can I know nothing about a government paper getting delivered in my locality? Kammo remarks that Khatri is no less than a woman when it comes to gossiping.

Mickey has come to drop Preeti. Preet feels bad that they aren’t allowed to meet properly. Mickey tells her to let it be. We are very old friends.

Khatri finds out that the postman has come to deliver Minnie and Babita’s passport. He offers to take it but postman refuses to deliver it to anyone else except the passport holders. I would need signatures of those people too. Khatri pays him money but Mickey intervenes. He offers to sign the document but postman says I am not someone who will accept bribe. It is a government document! I also need signature. Khatri rues that he could have touched Babita while giving her passport. I would have spoken to her a little too. I would have asked her if she is sending Minnie to meet Ashok. Mickey calls Minnie. He tells her to collect the documents from the postman before Babita can get hold of it. Khatri asks him what he is up to. Are you trying to elope with her without her mother’s permission? Let me know if you need any lodge. Mickey calls him disguising and walks away.

Minnie steps out of the house stealthily in her bathrobe when Babita asks her to change first. Minnie says someone is at the door. Babita reasons that the bell hasn’t rung yet. Minnie insists it is about to ring which surprises Babita. She runs downstairs as the doorbell rings. Minnie accepts the envelope and signs it. There is another letter in Hanuman’s name. Babita asks Minnie who is at the door.


Patiala Babes 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Hanuman Singh receives a letter from Ashok Khurana. Ashok has shown an inclination to speak to Minnie and stay in touch with her.


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