Patiala Babes 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Minnie is accepting Hanuman Singh’s letter but Babita takes it. She does not read the sender’s name. Postman asks for tip. Babita asks him what important document he was speaking of. Minnie threatens him for asking bribe. I will file a report against you. Babita feels pity for him but Minnie manages the situation. Babita tells her to be wary of the world at this age. Minnie says you make me elder and a kid as per your convenience. I know it. She runs upstairs ignoring Babita’s please. Babita leaves the letter on the cot.

Khatri feeds jalebi to his wife which surprises her. You seem romantic today! He says romance is in the air. Babita and Hanuman Singh are busy with each other and Minnie got her passport. She will flee with Mickey. Kammo says it will be good as Babita is a fool. She wont be able to do anything once Minnie leaves. We will get hold of her shop. Khatri says it is our already. Just wait and watch.

Minnie meets Mickey and Preet at Nayan Bi’s house. She tells them how she managed to collect the passport from the postman. Nayan Bi gives sweets to them. Shammi ji and her husband join them as well. Dada ji gives gift to Preet for her grandfather. I miss him very much. He speaks of old age but Minnie calls him young at heart. Shammi ji says he cannot walk without a stick. He calls himself handsome than Dharmendra. Minnie agrees. You both are like Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Nayan Bi says you kids will be blessed as you spend time with us elders. This lights up the home. Elders are more like furniture for everyone who they can neither throw out nor use. Minnie says you all are very important for us. Diwali isn’t fun without you guys. Mickey goes to play carom with Dada ji. Shammi ji and Nayan Bi go with them. Preet asks Minnie how he hid the passport from Babes. Minnie says a letter came for Hanuman Uncle too because of which the matter was settled.

Babita tells Hanuman Singh about his letter. He asks her about it but she says I cannot read your letter. What if it was from your lover? He insists he is one man only. Lala reminds him how he was walking with Priya during the wedding. Babita nods. He must be famous amongst ladies. Lala calls it true. Hanuman Singh offers to read out the letter in front of them as she has questioned his character. She tells him she isn’t interested but he insists. He goes to bring the letter. Lala tells Babita Sir Sahab is right. You aren’t as simple as you seem!

Hanuman Singh finds the letter on the cot. He reads the name of the sender to be Ashok Khurana. He stops in his tracks in shock and confusion. Babita asks him to show it but he avoids her. She asks him if it is indeed one of her girlfriends. He changes the letter with electricity bill and shows it to her. She asks him why he looks pale. He denies. Do you doubt me? She says I was just pulling your leg. Let’s head upstairs to make diya’s. He offers to join her in a while but she takes him upstairs with her.

Minnie is speaking to Preet about her Diwali dress. Hanuman Singh is thinking about Ashok’s letter. He takes out the letter from his cupboard and reads it. I hope you will give her the love that I couldn’t give to her. I know you might not like it if I talk to her so I am writing to you. I am sending 50k to you along with the letter. Babita had given it to me for tickets. I had promised her I will return it. I want to be free of the favours just like she had wanted to but there is still one relation which joins us – Minnie! Babita might try to disagree but Minnie is my daughter too. I deserve to be in touch with her and to understand her. I used to send gift to her on her birthday every year. I just couldn’t do it this year. Give her 22k from the money I have sent to you. Tell her to buy whatever she likes as I know nothing about her likes and dislikes. I am sending a letter for her as well. I know that the hatred she has against me hurts her too. I can see it in her eyes. Maybe this letter will be able to ease things out for her. She might forgive me someday.

Minnie asks Hanuman Singh to help her put oil in diya’s. He joins her. She tells him to put oil in the diya’s without messing the floor. Hanuman Singh cannot stop thinking of Ashok’s letter. She notices him lost. What happened? He says I got a little emotional looking at you. Let me help you. They hear the sound of crackers and wish each other Happy Choti Diwali. He is in a fix thinking about Babita’s words.

Lala wishes Happy Diwali to Dadi and Dada ji. They ask him his Diwali plans. Lala says earlier I used to celebrate Diwali with Sir Sahab but it seems like I must celebrate it this year. Dadu says anyone can be alone at any point of time in their life. It isn’t just old age! Lala was happy thinking Hanuman is settled but now he is left alone. Lala says it is okay. Priorities change in life sometimes. I am happy for him. There is nothing to worry. Dadi says even our family isn’t together this time but they are very much here if we think about it. You should join us. Lala is hesitant but Dadu says we dint marry recently. He teases them. You look like love birds. Dadi suggests him to marry now but he says my FIL wont let me marry. Dadi asks him if there is no elder in the house. He points at the sky. They offer to speak to his FIL tomorrow. Lala agrees to invite him to their house tomorrow. Don’t tell anything to Sir Sahab yet. He pulls my leg and even gives me weird duties to attend to. Dadu asks him what he wants. Lala says I want the friends to double. He hurries off as Hanuman had called him earlier today.


Patiala Babes 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Minnie is about to fall from the stool but Hanuman Singh holds her. Babita says I thought she was about to fall. Hanuman Singh tells her not to worry. I wont let her go (fall). Minnie says how you will stop me. I am going!


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