Patiala Babes 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 6th December 2019 Episode Start With Minnie asks Arya to change her clothes as flour is still on her clothes. Arya says if she is going soon, why don’t she spend sometime and do her a favor. Minnie asks what. Arya says let us watch horror movie. Minnie asks a small kid wants to watch horror movie? Arya says yes and brings CDs from HS’ room. Minnie sees 16+ and 18+ written on CDs and says she cannot allow her to watch them. Arya picks last CD and asks if she can watch this.

Minnie checks and says she can, but it is a comedy horror movie. Arya says so what and loads CD. Puro seeks leave as her son is ill. Minnie permits and says she will manage Arya and get her ready for school tomorrow. Puro leaves. Arya sits on sofa and asks Minnie to sit next to her. Minnie asks if she is afraid. Arya says its a horror movie. Minnie sits next to her. Arya hugs her seeing horror scenes. They enjoy movie till late night.

Next morning, Preet comes to meet Minnie. Minnie tells Preet that Arya doesn’t have any family member except her, she got emotional seeing the way Arya trying to be near her in fear of being alone, but she is very naughty kid. Preet asks if she will return back after going. Minnie changes topic and asks if Mickey spoke to her. Preet says he is her soulmate and she should know, he called and told she didn’t speak to him when he called her. Minnie says she was upset with Babes and HS’ death. Preet asks to speak about Arya, she should be with Arya. Minnie says she wants to but a sense of jealousy prevails remembering how Babes alienated her and Arya was with Babes for long.

Preet says now Arya doesn’t have her mother with her, so Minnie is her only support. Minnie says she doesn’t know. Their discussion continues when NB waves her and over phone says she needs to talk something important. Minnie says their problem is solved by changing spices. NB says one more problem creeped up, yesterday also a few dishes came back and new reporter wants to revisit restaurant and rerate it. Minnie says if she rates it low, then customers will not visit their restaurant, so NB should ask Khurshid to get wholesome spices and prepare special dishes for reporter. NB asks if she will come to restaurant. Minnie asks why she. NB insists. Minnie agrees.

Arya throws tantrums when Biji tries to braid her hair and calls Veer Balika. Minnie walks to her, and Arya insists to braid her hair. Minnie asks why she. Arya says because she wants to look stylist like her. Minnie takes her to room. Biji tells Preet that Arya wants to be with Minnie, so she is trying different ways. Minnie braids Arya’s hair and asks how is it. She doesn’t like it and asks her to try again. Minnie braids hair again while Rani asks Arya to come soon as school bus is coming. Minnie finally braids hair which Arya likes. They both then rush out and ask Rani if school bus came. Rani says it came and left. Arya insists Minnie to drop her to school. Minnie gets her to school on her scootie just before watchman closes door. Watchman doesn’t let them in while they plead.


Patiala Babes 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Minnie jumps school wall with Arya and says they safely landed and nobody caught them. Someone comes in front of them.


  1. Why is this Beeji always in the Haveli, Arya is her ex daughter in law Babita and Hanuman Singh’s daughter. She has no relation and no business being there, Arya already has Rano and Puro to look after her. Rajita Sharma must like this actress and wants to retain and keep paying her, so like a faltu she is always there. Both these grandparents of Minnie are very irritating extra characters and should have been axed out of PB once their own children left the show.


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