Patiala Babes 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 6th January 2020 Episode Start With Neil prepares dishes in restaurant kitchen while Simpy cries for cancellation of her alliance. Geeta consoles her and suggests to upload new profile on matrimonial website and reveal who desperate she is for marriage. Simpy gets angry. Geeta asks her to calm down, else Neil will hear and scold them. Neil reminiscing Minnie’s words adds wrong spices while preparing pasta. Khurshid reminds him and says if he or Simpy had made this mistake, Neil would have killed him. Neil says he accepted his mistake and blames for keeping spices in disorganized way. Khurshid says it is the skill of cook to identify right spices. Neil gets angry. Khurshid walks away saying something is wrong. Neil continues thinking about Minnie’s words.

Minnie is engrasped in thoughts when Arya asks how much she loves Neil. Minnie says she is mistaken. Arya says it may be. Minnie says she is very small and cannot understand elder’s world. Arya asks if she doesn’t care about Neil. Minnie says time to tell her the reality, asks her to sit, and says she cares for Neil as a chef as their restaurant runs on chef’s job, it is give and take relationship, she needs chef and he needs job, thats it. Arya says it is a selfish relationship. Minnie says that is how world goes, she doesn’t want someone to fool her like their mother was fooled, they need to be practical. Arya says she is not feeling good. Minnie says they need to accept reality and true love is very difficult to get and whoever gets it is very lucky, Arya is very luck as she loves her truly. Arya leaves saying she will return in a minute. She runs down and picking rose petals prays god that Neil shouldn’t be selfish and should really care for Minnie.

Neil reminisces Khurshid’s poetry regarding cooking. At 10:30 p.m., Geeta sends all staff members home and reminds Neil. Neil asks if one has fever, doesn’t he/she feel like having favorite food. Babita says yes, but.. Neil says he will shut the restaurant and takes keys, then prepares cake happily. In the morning, Arya walks to Minnie and tries to wake her up. Minnie asks her to let her sleep and asks to inform Rani to add extra sugar in tea. Arya says she eats lots of sugar like an ant, goes out searching Rani. She then goes to balcony to water plant and seeing Neil calls him. Neil signals to lift his bag up. She does and takes out things. He signals to keep his tiffin box. She opens tiffin box and gets happy seeing cake. Neil asks her to share it with Minnie.

Arya shares cake with Minnie. Minnie excitedly says she was craving for cake and tasting it says it is divine, amazing.. Arya says it is the best cake of her life. Minnie says as if she lived her live to the fullest and asks how did she know that she was craving for cake. Arya says Neil brought this cake. Minnie stops. Arya says she shouldn’t have revealed this secret. Minnie says Neil smuggled cake into her home, nevermind it is very tasty. Arya says now she knows Neil cares for her a lot and knows what she needs. Minnie says she doesn’t know.


Patiala Babes 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil asks Minnie what is she doing in restaurant so early. She says she came to return someone’s tiffin and says though cake was not of her flavor.He asks what is her flavor then. She walks away saying she thought he likes to explore. He thinks she flirted with him and walked away.


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