Patiala Babes 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Patiala Babes 7th November 2019 Episode Start With HS reads Khatri’s letter that he heard Babita’s all catering contracts are cancelled except HS’ police station and they all went to Khatri, so he offers to buy Patiala Babes shop for 2 lakhs. Minnie fumes in anger and calls Kammo who gives phone to Khatri saying HS’ stepdaughter has called. Khatri greets Minnie. Minnie warns him to dare not think of her shop as she will not shut it. Khatri says most of her orders are grabbed by him and she should sell it for 2 lakhs now, else he may not buy it at all. HS asks Babita not to bother about Khatri’s words. Babita tells HS that they should forget about shop and concentrate on having their own babies. HS says he is fine with it but needs to speak to Minnie regarding this as she may feel embarrassed having a young sibling in teenage. Babita says Minne wouldn’t mind at all and Saroj suggested this idea.

Minnie speaks to NB over phone checking her mails and finding an important one disconnects call. She reads full scholarship acceptance mail including stay and accommodation and gets happpy, but then thinks she cannot leave Babes and business midway and decides to reject it. She informs her decision Mickey and Preet who insist her to accept the offer. She says there would be other expenses also and she cannot leave Babes and business alone. Mickey asks when she has to reply the sponsors. She says in a week. He and Preet suggest her to wait for a week then and then reply, who knows she may get a way out.

Minnie walks on street with Mickey and Preet when Saroj clashes with them and a few papers fall from her hands. Minnie picks papers and is shocked to see her grandparent’s will where they transferred their property equally in Babita and Pinku’s names. She confronts Saroj why didn’t she inform about this when they went out of house. Saroj says she wanted to but and because of this, Babita could get HS. Minnie warns to stop manipulating and she knows Saroj came to take Babes’ signatures on property papers, which she will never let happen. Saroj says she doesn’t know Babita well, Babita will sign papers for sure and Minnie shouldn’t interfere between relationships. She takes papers and walks away while Minnie stands fuming. Mickey tries to console her.

Saroj meets Babita and emotionally blackmails her that she knows Babita is sad that her parents are no more and she doesn’t have maika, but she can consider her brother’s house as her maika. Babita says she is lucky to have a bhabhi like her. Minnie walks in and says she should curse a bhabhi like her. Saroj nervously says her parents had divided property in Babita and Pinku’s name before Babita’s marriage, but after marriage, they wanted to transfer in Pinku’s name which they couldn’t. Babita asks if she can transfer now. Saroj gives her property papers to sign. Minnie stops Babita. Babita warns not to interfere.


Patiala Babes 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : HS informs Babita that he got promotion and is shifting to another city. Babita asks if he will leave her alone. Minnie says she is with her. Babita says she was with her even when Ashok left her alone to London.


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