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Pavitra Bhagya 17th September 2020 Pranati tells Vardhan not to lie. She is about to slap him but Reyansh holds her hand. What are you saying? Do you think before saying something? This is a big accusation. Dadi says why are you asking her. She is using Vardhan as a scapegoat to save herself. You should be ashamed. Ganpati Bappa is here yet you are lying to us! Pranati declines. I gave presentation to him in that hotel. Archit says you went to meet the investors in the hotel. How did Vardhan come in picture? Dadi says her own lover is saying that she went to hotel to meet some investor. What all do I have to see in this age! She starts her emotional drama and badmouths Pranati. You are blaming a family member! Pranati looks at Reyansh and then at Archit. Archit says you misunderstand me. I did not say that Pranati is lying. Maybe I don’t know the truth. I know her since many years. It would be true if she is saying this. Vardhan tells him to be quiet. You will vouch for her now? You will say yes to whatever she says as you are her lover after all. They are trying to dupe us. Reyansh tells him to stop. This isn’t acceptable. Vardhan refuses. I did not say anything wrong. Isn’t Archit her lover? Were they not going to marry? The ladies start gossiping about it. Archit tells them to stop. You cannot put all these allegations without knowing the truth. The ladies don’t budge. This girl and her lover are trying to trap Vardhan ji.

Reyansh and Pranati keep looking at each other. Pranati insists she isn’t lying. I am not mad. It was Vardhan who was in that hotel room. Go and check in that hotel if you don’t trust me. He was there with another guy. I told him it should be done legally and then Vardhan told me to give presentation. He was dragging me to some place later. Dadi says he dint do anything like that. I wont let you blame my grandson like that. Riya tries to stop her but Dadi tells her to move aside. You too will meet the same fate if you stay with her. She dared to blame my grandson! All the ladies start to make a video. Pranati says I am not lying. It is the truth. Your grandson is not innocent. You cannot throw me out of this house. I wont leave this house till the time I prove that Vardhan is guilty. I wont leave my daughter here at any cost. Dadi says I will see who will stop me. Riya tries to stop her again but in vain. Reyansh holds her hand. He frees Pranati’s hand from hers. Pranati wont go anywhere till the time we find out the truth. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Dadi looks pointedly at her. Pranati heads upstairs.

Dadi pulls Reyansh’s ears. What can I do when my own turn against me? I have given you too much freedom. She does not let him talk. I lost another chance to throw her out of the house. You have crossed all your limits.

Pranati tells Riya that Vardhan crossed all his limits. I know people of this house have problems with me. Even I don’t want to stay here but how can they stoop so low? How could he try to take advantage of me? Riya tells her to calm down but Pranati is furious. It is about my dignity. He tried to play with my dignity.

Reyansh tells Dadi he is doing all this for business. It was to save your respect and Khurana name. those ladies were recording everything. The DIL of this house has accused my brother. What if this video was leaked? We got out of a prospective scandal. Even I am not happy with whatever has happened. Even I want to know the complete truth.

Pranati tells Riya she isn’t lying. Did you or anyone else see Vardhan in the house during the puja? Riya declines. Pranati says Anisha Bhabhi has gone out for a month. Vardhan wouldn’t have dared to do this to me if she was here. She isn’t here so he used that opportunity and put the entire blame on me! Armaan says you shouldn’t have created a drama in front of everyone.

Dadi says she made a drama of my family in front of the entire world. I wont spare her! Reyansh thinks he cannot believe it that Pranati is at fault. He pours a drink for himself. Maan asks him if this is the reason why he stopped Pranati.

Pranati says I wouldn’t have left the house even if Reyansh hadn’t stopped me. They made a mockery of me. Riya seconds her. We could have handled this in some other way. Pranati says you wont understand what I go through while staying in this house. No one will understand it. She is in tears. They have made a mockery of my life. They play with my emotions every day. I was greedy for money till yesterday and I am characterless today! It is enough! They enjoy drama. It’s high time that they get a taste of it.

Maan says it’s high time. You should accept your feelings. You care for her. Reyansh looks away. Maan says don’t listen to me. Listen to your heart once for the right thing. Reyansh says my heart has refused to say anything in this matter. My heart cannot accept the fact that a girl is insulted in this house. I wont let it happen. This mistake has happened once in this house but I wont let it happen again. Irrespective of which woman it is, I wont let anyone be accused falsely. I will find out the truth at any cost.

Vardhan is drinking in the morning. Dadi says I understand that your blood must be boiling as she accused you falsely. He plays along. She dint even wince before blaming me. She pulls his ears. Tell me the truth. Who was lying? He continues the drama and she ends up slapping him. He asks her if she is trusting that woman over her grandson. You are not at fault. I have never given you a reason to trust me snice childhood. You aren’t at fault. I may have lied in my life but I have never done something like this to a woman. She is my brother’s ex-lover. What will Anisha think? Dadi tells him to stop his drama. He says Pranati was trying to seduce me since past few days. I avoided her completely. I thought it will create complications in Jugnu’s case if I react. I dint know she will turn out to be like this. She is a chameleon. It is the right time to throw her out of the house or the house will be doomed. Reyansh tells him he cannot decide this by himself. Tell me why she took your name specifically.

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