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Pavitra Bhagya 21st September 2020 Jugnu blocks the door when doctor tries to meet Pranati. He tells her he has come here to check her mother. Jugnu says we don’t need English medicines anymore. I will take care of Nayi Ma. Pranati tells her to let doc check her but Jugnu tells her to be quiet. She sends the doc away. Jugnu tells Pranati not to worry. I will take care of you. Come and sleep now. Pranati smiles as Jugnu takes care of her. She cups Jugnu’s face who takes a step back. Jugnu smiles as Pranati holds her ears. She makes her lie down. Pranati hugs her and cries. Jugnu makes her smile. Pranati kisses her on her hands. She agrees not to cry and lies down to sleep. Jugnu pats at her head sweetly.

Dadi asks Jugnu and Pranati who stopped doc from checking Pranati. Jugnu steps forward. Dadi tells her to let doc check her. Don’t you want her to get well soon? Jugnu says she is fine. This isn’t required. Dadi says I am answerable to a lot many people. Jugnu tries to argue but Pranati tells her to let doc check her. Dadi tells doc to go ahead. Jugnu gets tensed. Dadi leaves the room. Jugnu thinks of Vardhan’s instruction to doc. Doc tells Pranati her vitals are fine. Let me give you injection for B 12 to strengthen your immunity. Pranati nods. Jugnu shouts roach to distract them but in vain. This time she shouts lizard and the doc starts jumping out of fear. She puts the injection on the sofa. Jugnu fools him in sitting on it. Pranati asks doc if he is fine. Jugnu does not let Pranati interfere. They see doc passing out on the sofa. Jugnu asks Pranati if she understood now. Pranati hugs her.

Reyansh comes to the hotel. Receptionist says Vardhan Khurana’s name is not here. He dint even book a room here. Reyansh asks for CCTV footage. Receptionist agrees.

Riya, Armaan and Maan seek Ganpati Bappa’s blessings.

Reyansh asks a staff member if he is sure Vardhan dint come to hotel that day. The guy says he is a regular here. We would recognize him. He wasn’t here that day. Reyansh heads downstairs. Everything is against Pranati. It means she is either lying or someone is trying to wipe out the proofs.

Armaan, Riya and Maan head for Ganpati visarjan.

Reyansh gets a call and is shocked. Such a big game!

Pranati comes to Vardhan’s room. You stooped so low that you tried to blackmail the doc into keeping me unconscious! He feigns ignorance. Do you enjoy fabricating stories? She holds him by his collar. Why are you trying to ruin my life? There is so much going on already and now you! I am fighting with everyone on my own for my daughter. I cannot take it anymore. Why are you trying to ruin my life? He says I am capable of doing that. She nods. Khurana family only knows how to make deals with people. Police and doctors are in your pocket. I am no one so why will anyone believe me. Why are you doing this Vardhan? I want to live for my daughter. Please leave me alone. I will forget everything and keep quiet but please leave me alone. He starts laughing. Finally you are on your knees today. I keep entire Delhi in my pocket. No one will even know if I make you disappear. You think you will survive by messing with me? I only wanted to spend a night with you. This wouldn’t have happened if you had agreed but you dint! You only had to do what you have been doing with Reyansh! Pranati looks at him. He is surprised at the change in his expressions. She says your brother is not cheap like you. Now the entire world will get to know what you are! He asks her what she is saying. She says it is time. He is about to hit her when Reyansh enters. Truth is out in the open now. He tells Vardhan to call anyone he wants to. I will see what you will do. Vardhan tells him he is mistaken. She has fooled you. I am your brother. Reyansh refuses to hear anything. Vardhan says I m your elder brother. Reyansh drags him downstairs.

Reyansh says you should have been ashamed. You even forgot about humanity. Vardhan tells him to be quiet. You are in her trap now. You held your elder brother’s collar today! Will you teach me humanity and shame? I am your elder brother. Stay in your limits. Reyansh says you crossed your limits by doing this. I have ignored all your mistakes till date but you will be punished this time. Vardhan says you believe her more than your elder brother. Did you try to ask me what the truth is? Reyansh says truth was exposed long before that. I should have trusted her but I thought my brother wont stoop so low. I was wrong though! You thought the doc you paid to give her injection wont open his mouth? You cannot hide your face anymore. I am as much Khurana as you. Stop this drama. Vardhan asks him what he will do. I accept that Pranati is right. Look at her once! She is so hot and beautiful. Anyone will fall for her. I only wanted her at any cost. You too used to find her hot years ago which is why things happened. You used her and threw her away! You are lecturing me today? He turns to Pranati. You lured 2 boys of this house in no time. You have a beautiful face, hot figure and such talent! She pushes him away. You are sick. You are not even fit to be called a human being! He tells her to be quiet and calls her cheap woman. You both sleep in separate rooms but this does not give you a character certificate. Who knows who goes to whose room in the middle of the night and does what? Reyansh is my brother. He wont say anything against me as I have raised him. Reyansh tells him to stop it but Vardhan refuses. Reyansh says I am quiet as you are my brother. I am ashamed to call you my brother! Vardhan asks him if he wasn’t ashamed when he left Pranati and her baby to fend for themselves. We did the same thing. You lured her and I am a simple man. You are giving me lesson on moral values? Weren’t you ashamed when you maligned her character in court? This does not suit you at all. Is she blackmailing you? How come you are supporting her suddenly? A cheap woman can do anything. She will play with the images of others as she holds no respect on her own. She has made me a villain in front of the house already so why don’t I have some fun? He holds her hands forcibly. She tells him to let go but in vain. Reyansh hits him.

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