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Pinjra 13th July 2021 Omkar’s mother brings oil. Omkar does oil massage on Mayura. Omkar’s mother says she is not able to understand why Mayura was outside whole night. Yesterday too, he didn’t tell her anything clearly. He’s hiding something for sure. Mayura is such a nice girl, but in her stubbornness, she spoiled her health. Omkar doesn’t answer. He says that they should take her to hospital. Just then she wakes up. Omkar’s mother tells him to take care of her while she goes to call a doctor.

Mayura tells Omkar that she was not acting. She hopes he’s convinced now. He tells her what was she doing? There is a limit of stubbornness. She says not stubbornness, love. There is no limit of love. He says to hell with love that hurts her. If anything had happened to her, then… He gets quiet. She says it would be good then, he would have gotten rid off her. He keeps his finger on her lips and says, quiet now. She asks if he will give her one more chance to be with him, whether he will accept her love. He asks what does she want? She says it’s her birthday after 2 days. He says his birthday is also after 2 days. She says she told him they have some connection. She invites him to her birthday party, so she can introduce him to her family. He says they don’t even know each other fully yet, they have no match. Whatever is in her mind… will just give her pain. She says when you’re in love, you don’t see that. She says, ‘I love you’ to him. She doesn’t care about the differences they have between them. She just wants him to go to her birthday, she wants to tell the whole world about him. She knows that he has feelings for her too. He can lie all he wants, but his eyes speak the truth. He turns his face. She tells him that he has time till evening to accept her invitation, else… He asks, else? She says that he will find that out by tomorrow evening. She leaves with a cunning smile. She comes to her car and says no one can save him from getting locked in her cage. She drives away.

Omkar’s mom tells him that he might not say, but she can figure out everything about him. She says he got admission after a lot of difficulty in that college and he should focus on his studies. Mayura is a nice girl, but they have no match. He should stay away from her, else his dream to become something will remain a dream only. Their lives, their dreams will shatter. He tells her not to worry, he won’t let anything shatter. She gives him Mayura’s anklet to return it to her. He looks at it. Naina notices it and feels sad.

Mayura is quietly sneaking in her house. Bela catches her. Mayura says she didn’t want to disturb anyone. Bela asks how come she’s wearing a traditional dress. Mayura jokes that she went for jogging. Bela is determined to find what Mayura is hiding.

Omkar tells Naina that he’s not hiding anything. Mayura got unconscious, he brought her in the home. Naina says that she must have said something after waking up. He tells Naina that she’s reacting like she saw her boyfriend with some other girl. She gets quiet. She changes the topic and asks what’s his plan for his birthday. He recalls Mayura’s invitation. He tells Naina that she knows he is not interested in celebrating birthdays. He has lots of work and studies to do. He says he’s getting late for college. She asks college or Mayura? He says there is no place for girls in his life. She says even if he tries to let Mayura in his life, she won’t let that happen. He asks meaning? She composes herself and says nothing. She leaves.

Mayura is thinking about Omkar’s caring words. Dayimaa comes there with coffee. Mayura thanks Dayimaa for saving her last night. Dayimaa says she didn’t come home whole night which is not good, she was so worried. Mayura tells her not to lecture her like others. Dayimaa feels bad. Mayura notices it and apologizes. Dayimaa says no need to say sorry, she is her Dayimaa in end and has no right to worry about her. She tells Dayimaa that she has full rights to worry about her and scold her. It’s only her who genuinely care about her, just like a mother. Dayimaa notices Mayura has fever. She tells Mayura to skip college, but Mayura says today is a very important day. It’s a results day. She must go to college.

When she reaches the college, Naina throws cards at her saying she loves to play, right? Then she can play with the cards instead playing with Omkar’s feelings. Mayura asks why does she care? Who is she? Naina says she’s Omkar’s best friend and it’s her duty to save him from mean friends like Mayura. Mayura asks since when best friends started getting so possessive. Is it becoming a love triangle? She likes Omkar and he just takes her as a friend? She further tells Naina that she can understand her insecurity, but it’s obvious if Omkar gets to choose between Mayura and Naina, then he will choose Mayura. Naina gets angry. Mayura advises her to forget Omkar as he’s just hers.

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