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Pinjra 14th July 2021 Mayura comes to classroom. Seeing her in traditional dress, Omkar’s friend tells him that she totally changed for him. He gets up. Mayura tells him not to worry, she won’t sit with Omkar as he doesn’t like. Omkar tries to speak, but she says sshh.. and gives her a note that tells him to give her answer in evening.

Later, Ishan meets Mayura and asks how’s the birthday preparations. She says so far so good. Her birthday present will be Omkar’s broken heart. They walk. She slips. Omkar comes and saves her from falling. Ishan gets mad thinking Omkar made her fall. Mayura says it’s not his fault and leaves. Ishan follows her and praises her acting skills saying he even felt that she got lost for a moment. She says is he mad? She would never do that. Ishan gets his mother’s call. He goes to attend.

Mayura is waiting for Omkar. She says, first time in her life, she is waiting for a guy. Omkar comes. She holds his hand saying she was waiting since so long. She couldn’t concentrate in class either as she was thinking about his answer. She asks whether he would attend her birthday party, will he accept her? He says he was trying to give his answer since long too. His answer is still a no. She asks why? Does he still think she’s acting? He says her feelings could be true, but he’s there to study. Right now he doesn’t have space for love in his life. He says sorry and asks her to forget him. It would be better if they don’t cross each other’s path again. She cries. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s ok and says sorry for giving him so many troubles.

Later, classmates are trying to wake Mayura up. Omkar comes and asks what happened. Classmates say she took lots of sleeping pills and got unconscious. Omkar throws water on her face and tries to wake her up. As it doesn’t work, he calls an ambulance. Ishan stops him saying she’s from political background. Media will find out about it and it could be bad for her family. Omkar says her life is in danger and he cares about media? A classmate says if he cares so much, then he wouldn’t have done all this. Mayura is in this condition because of him. Omkar starts feeling guilty. He says to hell with media. He lifts her and takes to a hospital. Doctor says it’s attempt to suicide and he will need to inform police. Omkar says he will call police and asks him to start treatment. Ishan says this matter can’t go out in public. Omkar says if not police, then they need to inform her family. Ishan asks if he even knows which family she belongs to. If they find out Omkar is behind this, then they won’t spare him. Omkar says he’s ready to face consequences. Ishan tells doctor to start the treatment, he will give big donation to his hospital. He then asks Omkar to leave from there.

Bela comes to Omkar’s house. She says she’s Mayura’s bhabhi and walks in the house. She says she saw such small house for the first time in her life. Omkar’s mother asks why she came there. Bela says Mayura didn’t come home whole night, she stayed there comfortably, right? Omkar’s mother tells her to tell Mayura not to come there again. Bela tries to find out what had happened. Nandini tells Bela to ask Mayura directly. Nandini also insults her. She grabs her hand and pushes out of home. Bela says she will take her revenge and wonders why Mayura came to such cheap place.

Omkar is still waiting in hospital. When doctor comes, he asks about Mayura. Doctor informs that she regained her consciousness, but she’s taking one name only – Omkar. He tells Omkar to go and meet her, she will feel better. Omkar comes to Mayura’s room. Ishan gets frustrated and leaves. Omkar scolds Mayura for not taking care of herself. What she saw in him in 2 days that she tried to commit suicide? She says it’s not 2 days love, it’s love of many lives. He holds her hand and makes her understand that they can’t be together. She says that she knows and that’s why she tried to give up her life. She asks why did he save her? He should have let her die. He tells her not to say that. She says if he is not in her life, then her life is pointless. If he can’t give her a chance, then he shouldn’t stop her. It’s her life, she will do whatever she wants. He asks her to think about her family. She says they don’t care about her. She asks him that he hates her so much that he can’t give her one chance? Is she that bad? She cries for one chance. He nods yes. She gets happy and hugs him. She says that means he will attend her birthday party? He says, yes. She smiles. In flashback, it’s revealed that it was Mayura and Ishan’s plan. She never took sleeping pills. She plans to take revenge with Omkar for all the insults in her birthday party.

Omkar drops Mayura to her car and tells Mayura’s friend to take her safely. Mayura asks Omkar what gift he will bring. He says gift? She says she doesn’t want any expensive gift, she just wants him to say those 3 special words. She leaves. He thinks he said yes to Mayura, but how he will convince his mother.

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