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Pinjra 19th July 2021  Episode starts with Doctor checking Mayura. Mr. Goswami asks her about his daughter. Doctor asks him not to worry and says she fainted due to party tiredness. She asks who suggested to apply oil on the feet. Ishaan says a street guy suggested. Doctor says it is a nice thing to give warmth to the body. She prescribes the medicine. Naina comes to Omkar’s house and complains to his mother about Omkar. She says Omkar shouted at her for Mayura and tells that he is not the same. She cries. Mr. Goswami tells Sachin that seeing Ishaan’s inclination towards Mayura, it seems like Vishaka will not refuse to fund for our factory.

He says he shall get the factory papers ready. DM asks Mr. Goswami to stay there until Mayura gains conscious. Mr. Goswami gets angry and says Ishaan is here. Ishaan says yes. He thinks he will not let Mayura’s plan go waste, which she made for Omkar. Naina sees Vishaka looking at the place and thinks they want to set up factory here. Vishaka tells Mr. Verma that Mr. Goswami wants to set up factory here, and will get triple profits. Mr. Verma tells that the people staying here will not agree as the factory will pollute their drinking water. Vishaka says Mr. Goswami will handle these poor. Naina hears her.

Ishaan asks Omkar and others to leave. Omkar asks him to let him meet Mayura else will break his hand. Ishaan says Mayura has no interest in you. He says Mayura was right that she will make you mad about her. Omkar asks what nonsense? Ishaan says do you really think that Mayura loves you and attempted to give her life for you. He says I will give you reality check. He asks everyone to come with them, says truth needs to come out infront of everyone. He shows the video on the TV, in which Mayura telling that she will make Omkar mad about her, as he refused her proposal.

Mayura gets flashes of her past life and gets restless. DM thinks she is getting the same dream. Ishaan says your bakra is made. Omkar recalls Naina’s warning that Mayura will ruin him. Ishaan says Mayura was playing with your heart and was doing drama. Mayura sees Omkar’s face in her dream, and gains consciousness taking his name. Ishaan asks Omkar to remember this moment and asks how can you think that Mayura will love a cycle rider guy like him. Mayura comes down and calls Omkar. She recalls everything about her marriage with Omkar and their previous birth. She gets teary eyes and runs towards him to hug him, but he stops her. He says I never hate anyone till now in my life, but now I will hate you. He says I hate you Mayura Goswami. Mayura is shocked and cries. Ishaan is surprised to see her reaction.

Omkar comes out, takes axe from the wood cutter and cuts the wood, recalling Mayura’s words. Mayura comes there, asking him to listen to her. She hugs him and says I want to tell you something. He breaks the hug and says you have said, whatever you want to, in that video. Mayura apologizes for the video and the humiliation which he faced in the party. He says I was unaware of our connection, now I identify and know you. Omkar says you wanted to make me mad about you, and I believed you when you told about our connection. Mayura says we really have a connection. He says we have a wall of hatred. Mayura asks him to listen once. Omkar asks her to end her drama and asks her to stay away from him. He says you have seen my anger, now will see my hatred, which you can’t bear. Mayura says Omkar…please.

Bela informs Sachin about Mayura dancing with Omkar. Bela says Mayura was dancing with Omkar. Sachin says Mayura likes Ishaan. Bela says don’t you see films, rich girl liking poor guy. She asks him to handle her else their respect will be ruined. Sachin says they have to handle Omkar somehow.

Omkar’s mother asks Naina to keep the cake in fridge. Omkar comes there. Naina says I was going home, when Aunty called me. Omkar’s mother scolds Omkar for scolding Naina for his few days of friendship with Mayura. Omkar apologizes to her and Naina. He says Mayura wanted to humiliate me, you was right. He asks her to hit him and hold his ears, apologizing to her. Naina smiles. Omkar’s mother asks him, what Mayura will get by hurting you. Naina tells her about seeing Vishaka near pond, and was talking about setting the factory.

Ishaan asks Mayura, why she went behind the cycle rider and tells that she couldn’t get best birthday gift than this. Mayura says yes, you are right. I got my Omkar. Ishaan asks her to stop acting. Mayura asks if your mom saw me. Ishaan says no, you had fainted and she went. He says let’s cut the cake. Mayura says she don’t want to and gets angry. She says he is not cycle rider, but Omkar. She asks him to take his name with respect. Omkar tells Naina that he thought Mayura wanted to hurt her, but she did this to keep him away from her Papa’s project. His mother asks him to stay away from Mayura and this project. Omkar says this factory will pollute the water. She gets cough and asks her to cut the cake. Omkar wishes that Mayura comes in his way else he will close all her ways, thinks he hate Mayura.

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