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Pinjra 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Omkar getting angry on Ishaan and says I am poor by money, which can be earned, but you are poor at mind. He then tells Mayura that she knows that he had earned the money with so much hardwork and asks why did you do this. Mayura says why are you getting angry on me, I didn’t drown your money. Omkar says but you have stolen it. Ishaan asks Mayura to come and not to talk to him. Mayura goes with him. Omkar’s new friends whom he saved from ragging, offers to provide financial help to him, but he refuses. They ask him to talk to Principal. He comes to the Principal and sees Mayura already there.

She tells that she will talk to her dad about giving donation for sports and drama. Principal thanks her. Mayura says it is my college and I can do anything with it. She whispers to Omkar if he came to complain about her, asks him to go ahead. Omkar tells Principal that he needs time to pay the fees. Principal says you have said that you have arranged it. Omkar says I had arranged, but someone stole it and asks him to give him sometime to arrange the fees. Principal says I can just give you one day’s time. Omkar calls Manager of the resort and tells that he again needs job at the resort. He says I want advance. Manager says I can’t give you job as I got orders from my boss. Omkar says ok and ends the call. Mayura comes there and acts to feel pity on him. She asks what will he do to secure his seat in her college. She sits in Ishaan’s car. Ishaan starts the car and splashes muddy water on him. Omkar says there is surely something between them and he will settle the scores with her.

He comes home. A lady comes there and says surprise. Omkar calls her Naina and says you came again. She says I came to meet aunty and asks where is she? Omkar says she has gone to temple and says bhakti ki shakti always. Naina asks how was the first day in college. Omkar asks her not to behave like his mother and says he has to change his clothes and go out.

Mayura brings pastries and chips for her Servants and asks them to party. They get surprised and thanks her. DM comes there. Mayura gets happy and makes DM swirls with her. DM asks what is the matter? Omkar is walking on the road. Naina comes infront of him. Omkar asks him not to trouble him. Naina asks what is the matter and asks about the trouble in college. Omkar says I don’t think I will get admission in college and tells her everything. Mayura tells DM that cycle rider Omkar will be out of college, and that’s why I am happy. DM says you didn’t do right by shattering his dreams. Mayura says Ishaan has drown his money and that was wrong, but that guy was not good, he took money from mali kaka, he thinks about his advantage and don’t deserve to be in our college. DM asks if he don’t deserve your college or that you don’t want to see his face. Mayura asks her not to talk about him. She tells that her favorite Ranvir Singh announcement on TV and asks DM not to miss. She hears the car sound and tells that she will go to her room, before Dad and Bhai come and upset her mood.

Naina says I will not leave that girl. Omkar tells Naina that he don’t know what to do, he can’t ask Mummy for the money. Servant throws the glass by mistake and it falls on Sachin and his father. Sachin scolds him. His father asks him to zipped his lips and asks him to use his passion and anger on Azaad nagar project and asks what is the update about that. Sachin says our men went to hang the board.

Few people resist Sachin’s men to hang the board. Omkar asks what happened? An old man tells that they want to make chemical factory here, and the toxic garbage and water which will be eliminated from the factory will go to the pond, whose water the nearby villagers drink. He says we have to stop them. Sachin tells that nobody can stop us, and tells that they have bought the land and tells that Ishaan’s family is investing the money. His father says this money is important for us, we shall not be weak due to money even after winning the election, we need it. Sachin says yes. His father says Ishaan is Mayura’s special friend and tells that their friendship shall be there, until our project is on. Sachin says they have a good friendship. His father smiles.

Mayura exercises in her room. Her bhabhi comes there and covers her head with the dupatta. Mayura throws the dupatta and asks her what is it? her bhabhi says you are looking very beautiful. Mayura asks why did you close the music? Bhabhi says you shall listen to the marriage song. Mayura asks are you divorcing Sachin bhai and marrying someone else. Bhabhi says my destiny is not that good and tells that your bhai and papa are talking about your marriage. Mayura says what nonsense and says I will marry the person, whom I love and all. Bhabhi asks if love is still there in this world and asks her about her idea of her guy. Mayura says he will be handsome and dashing, that everyone will look at him, #Mr. Popular. She says he shall be so determined that nobody can stand infront of him. Omkar asks him to control his anger. Mayura says neither he will bend down infront of anyone nor will he will do wrong or bear anyone wrong doings. Omkar loses his calm and tells the goon that he has done wrong. Mayura says his Swag will be different. Omkar gives two options to the goons, ask them to either go or call the ambulance. The goon refuses. Mayura says when he fights, he will make everyone remember their Nani, in hero style. Omkar holds the goon’s hand.

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