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Pinjra 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Mayura praying to Mata Rani to help Omkar find the truth. Pandey tells ACP Raghav that Omkar couldn’t be found. ACP asks Pandey to search nearby. Omkar walks out from there indisguise of a ward boy taking a patient on the wheel chair. ACP is about to see him, but just then he gets a message and checks. Omkar gets inside the pathology lab. ACP shows the CCTV footage of the haveli where Omkar is seen dragging a bag. Mayura says he can’t be Omkar. She sees his face and gets shocked. Omkar tells that he wants to get his test done to find out if someone gave him any drug or injection to make him unconscious.

He thinks he can prove himself innocent. ACP tells Mayura that Omkar is guilty and no forensic report can refuse this. Sanjay and Megha come there. ACP says you saw a guy dragging a dead body and says it is clear in the footage that the guy is Omkar. Mayura looks at the diya and asks ACP what is it? ACP says it is diya. Mayura says it is going to be set off. She says we are seeing Omkar in this footage, but until we get to know about the truth, we can’t hold him guilty. Raghav tells that today he has seen that love is blind. Mayura says she is not saying this due to her love, but for her trust. She says whenever Omkar has done any mistake then he has always accepted it, why he will hide his mistake now. ACP says there is a difference in mistake and crime and he also knows that it is very difficult to get saved from ACP Raghav.

Shankar says if Manjari comes to know then she will be in trauma. Mayura says if omkar has done this, then he would have accepted it. She says if Omkar trusts himself then I trust his trust. She asks Shankar not to lose hope. ACP says I will do my duty and asks Pandey to search him. Omkar gets his report and comes to know that there was no drug in his blood, thinks that the report is wrong. He hears Police coming there and goes. Inspector comes there and asks Nurse if Omkar came here. ACP gets a call that Omkar was in the lab. Mayura and ACP come there. Mayura tells that Omkar came here to get his test done and says if he was guilty then why he would have got his test done. She says she is sure that someone drugged him and the effect had gone. She says she is going to meet Tara. He calls her Minty and asks her to take smile on her face for Tara. Mayura says she likes to hear her name Minty only from her family members. He gets upset.

Omkar calls Mayura. Mayura picks the call and sees him outside the window, says if Police sees him. He asks about Tara. Mayura says she was asking about you and tells that she has taken decision for her and decided to send her to Jabalpur. She says Maa ji will be happy to meet her, and even my mummy and papa are staying there. Omkar says Tara has to stay away from us due to me and tells that he didn’t do anything. Mayura says I trust you, but there was your face in the CCTV footage. He is shocked and tells that there is one thing which can prove his innocence, that is forensic reports, tells that he thinks that the dead body is not of Vishaka. Just then phone call gets disconnected. Mayura sees Police coming there and signs him to go. She sends paper rocket in which she writes that Tara and she trust him. Omkar smiles.

Tara asks about Papa and tells that she don’t want to go anywhere. Mayura tells that Papa will come soon and says your Dadi is missing you. She asks her to go to Jabalpur. Mayura says I need to stay here to tackle a problem, asks her to agree and help Mamma. Tara says Papa is in problem due to Vishaka aunty, he had a fight with her. Mayura hugs her. Tara asks her not to worry and tells that she will go to dadi. She asks her to make a wish. Mayura wishes that everyone shall get a daughter like Tara. She asks Sanjay and Megha to take Tara safely. Tara asks Mayura to bring Papa soon and they leave. Mayura tells Shankar that she is a bad mother, couldn’t give her happiness even for a short time. Shankar says you are not bad, time is bad. Mayura prays for her daughter’s safety.

ACP waits outside the forensic centre for Omkar and thinks Omkar will come there to destroy the evidence. Omkar comes there and goes inside. ACP calls Mayura. Mayura says I am reaching there and will see the reports with my eyes to prove his innocence. ACP smiles. Omkar searches the file and sees the forensic report. He finds out that the body is of Vishaka and his finger prints were found on the body. He finds another report torn in the dustbin, in which the body is not matching to Vishaka. Doctor comes there with ACP and gives the report. He asks ward boy to take the body out and says his autopsy is done. Ward boy takes Omkar out on the stretcher. Omkar gets up and sees Police constable coming there, he hides. He collides with Mayura and tells her that someone has compromised with the reports to trap him. He asks her to help him and tells that he has seen there. He turns and sees Pandey aiming gun at him. ACP comes there and says your luck is bad, I saw you going inside. He says I thought you shall see the report as you have done Vishaka’s murder in reality.

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