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Pinjra 22nd July 2021 Episode starts with Mayura falling on Omkar while she is in nurse uniform. Omkar removes her mask and sees her face. Mayura hugs him and says I was very scared, Omkar. She says if anything happens to you, then I would have died. She says I will not let you go away from me in this birth. Omkar pushes her and says you came here to report your dad if I am fine or not, so that he plans next attack. Mayura asks him to believe her and says Vishaka had killed us in last birth. Omkar asks her to go and tell her father that he will not accept defeat so easily. Mayura goes from there angrily. Omkar thinks there is nothing like previous birth and thinks who is Vishaka?

Vishaka asks Servant about Ishaan. Servant says he went out angrily. Vishaka calls him, but his phone rings in his room. She thinks he left his phone here. Mayura calls Ishaan and her photo gets displayed on the screen. Vishaka thinks to put the phone on silent mode, and picks his phone. She then sees Mayura’s pic and gets shocked. She drops the phone and gets shocked. She then checks her pics and thinks she is looking so young and there is no scar on her face. She then recalls Manjari’s words and understands that Mayura and Omkar have reborn. She thinks to search them and gets angry. Naina asks Omkar to sit and his mother to sit. She tells that she will make something for Omkar and will make Kada for Aunty. Omkar’s mother praises Naina and tells that she takes care of you so much, and made me get all the tests. Omkar says wherever Naina will go, she will fill the house with happiness. His mother asks him to bring Naina as his lifepartner. He says he never thought of her this way. He gets Mayura’s call. His mother reminds him of his promise that he shall be away from Mayura. She says this girl is not less than a fire.

Mayura prays to God for saving her Omkar. DM asks what you was asking from God. Mayura tells DM that the nightmares which she used to get, was the memories of her last birth. She says I used to see the dreams in which my life partner was Omkar and tells that they are reborn to complete their love story. DM asks her to talk in low tone and says your Papa doesn’t like him, and asks her to forget him as bad dream. Mayura says no DM, Omkar is my love from last birth and this time, my love story will complete and will not be caged.

Ishaan comes back. Vishaka tells him that Mayura called him. Ishaan calls her and finds the phone off. Vishaka asks him if Mayura is of his age? He says obviously. Vishaka says you might want to meet her, I have an idea. Mr. Goswami informs Mayura that Ishaan’s mother is coming to meet her over lunch. Mayura asks if she told you on call. Mayura says yes, I will be here, as even I want to meet her. Mr. Goswami asks her to stay away from Azaad Nagar Project and that guy (Omkar). Mayura says ok. She takes out sword and recalls Vishaka stabbing them with knife. She thinks if I can face Vishaka alone. She thinks she needs to meet Omkar. She keeps back the sword and is going out. Bela stops her and asks where are you going, so late in night. Mayura says I was going for a walk. Bela says even she will come with her. Mayura then pretends to be sleepy and asks her to go on a walk. She closes the door. Bela gets angry and smirks. Mayura thinks she has to find some way and looks at the window. Omkar gets flashes of Mayura and him, and Vishaka stabbing him. He wakes up shouting Mayura and sees her standing infront of him. He hugs her. Mayura asks did you recall our last birth? Omkar breaks the hug and asks what are you doing here? Mayura tells him that she has seen him dying and tells that even he must have seen. He says he has seen as she is telling. Mayura says you are getting dreams since your childhood, where someone is killing you with sword. His mother comes there and asks Mayura to stay away from her son. Mayura says sorry and tells that she came to meet Omkar. She gets upset with him and leaves crying.

Omkar talks to Sarpanch and asks him to make sure that factory work doesn’t start. He says Maa is unwell and I am hurt. Sarpanch says ok. Naina says I have my eyes there. Omkar says we have to find out about the woman helping them. Mr. Goswami welcomes Vishaka and Ishaan and says we will think ourselves lucky to have lunch with us. Vishaka asks where is your daughter Mayura? Mr. Goswami says she is getting ready. Bela asks Ishaan to go to her room and meet her. Ishaan goes to Mayura and says Mom came to meet you. Mayura says even I want to meet her. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she heard that local hero (Omkar) got saved. Mr. Goswami says he was only injured. Vishaka says wounded tiger is very dangerous, we have to do something before he attack us. She says we shall lay foundation stone on factory site. Sachin asks what to do about stay order. Vishaka says she will handle. Mr. Goswami asks Sachin to go and have food there itself. Mayura gets restless. Ishaan says what happened? Mayura says I forgot to take medicine for headache and goes. Ishaan asks her to come back soon. Vishaka asks where is Mayura? Ishaan says she is coming.

Mayura goes to room and calls Ishaan. DM asks why are you not going down? Mayura says I have to go. Sarpanch sees Sachin on site and tells that Omkar was right, they will do some cheap stuff. Sachin says Omkar haven’t told you about what we can do. He asks his men to beat them. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she didn’t wait to see Kohinoor in London, and says your daughter is making me wait. Ishaan says she had headache so went to take medicine. Mr. Goswami asks DM about Mayura. DM gets tensed. Someone informs Omkar about the attack. Omkar and Naina leave from there. Mayura reaches the factory site and warns Sachin’s men not to touch the basti men and don’t lay the board here, else she will use the sword. Sachin shouts Mayura.

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