Pinjra 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 23rd September 2020 Mayura says this is just a rash from jewelry. Where are you going? He rushes out. Omkar comes out and says I have to go to hospital right now. We can’t wait for a second. Omkar says to Piyush we have to go to hospital, get the car ready. Piyush says but this is just a rash. Omkar says this isn’t just a rash. Get the car ready. Mayura is confused. Manjali says let me see. Omkar says we have to go. Manjali says you’re right. Take her to a doctor. I am coming. They leave.

Manjali says what if she finds Omkar’s reality. Manjali calls the doctor. He says I will do as you say.

Mayura, Omkar and Piyush are at the hospital. Mayura says Piyush what happened to him, I am fine. It’s just a rash. He reacted so much. Piyush says I know. He reacts weirdly sometimes. He says there are women who cry in pain but their husbands don’t care. They don’t even offer medicine. And you got a husband who freaked out at a rash. He is doing all this for you. What else do you want? He says I don’t understand what girls want? If husband doesn’t love, it’s a problem, if a husband loves a lot, it’s a problem. He says show me the rash. He checks. Omkar comes it. Omkar caresses Mayura’s face and says are you okay? She says I am fine don’t worry. Doctor checks her.

Scene 2
Ashu says Rinku, Monu.. Tell me what happened? What happened there? Monu says there was a man there. I saw a shadow. It was a tall lean man. Ashu is shocked. He says who could be? Monu says did you see anything?

Nurse says send more staff, Sangemarmar sartaj is here with his. Ashu hears. He says what? Omkar here with Mayura.. Omkar says maa she had a scar. Would it be fine? Manjali gives him medicine. Manjali hugs him and says everything is fine. Don’t worry. Ashu comes there. Mayura sees him and hugs him. Manjali takes Omkar to the room. Ashu says is everything okay? Mayura says I got this rash from the necklace and he came here. Manjali says this Piyush must have called him. Mayura says why did you come here? Piysuh says that wedding day in washroom.. Mayura says what? Ashu says your cousins slipped. They are fine.

Ashu says I came to see Rinku and Monu. Mayura says let me go and meet them as well. Omkar says no Mayura. Omkar says don’t worry. Piyush is with babu ji. Piyush says always at your service. Manjali says take care of him. Mayura leaves with Omkar and Manjali. Ashu is worried. He recalls Monu said it was a tall lean man. Piyush says did they tell you anything about the accident? How did this happen? Ashu says no they told me nothing like that.

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